Some bunny loves me.

41 weeks and 6 days.

In case you are wondering that is how long it is until Easter 2009.  You see, yesterday at Old Navy I bought a one piece cute outfit for my Story that says “some bunny loves me”.  I wonder if she’ll be here to wear it, or if I’ll be sending it to Haiti?  41 weeks and 6 days until we find out.

This past year at Target I bought all three boys matching easter baskets.  I wonder if Amos will use his in 2009 or will it wait until 2010.  41 weeks and 6 days until we find out.

Anyone else try to figure out holiday’s that their kids WILL be home for?


4 responses to “Some bunny loves me.

  1. theinnermostbox

    I ALWAYS try to figure those things out. I set little mile-markers for myself all the time. I was thinking, just this morning, how disappointed I was that my little girl wouldn’t be able to come home for the fourth of July last year. Now, here we are with one more 4th just about to be x-ed out on our calendar and we’re still waiting for her. But, really, I’ve been trying very hard lately to let go of those types of landmark expectations and just be expectant but patient for the time that she actually will come home.

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out which holiday/family vacation our son would be home for for almost 3 years now. We’re at the end of month 33 of waiting and I have given up trying to figure out when he might be here. It hurts less that way.

  3. All the time! I’m hoping mine are home by Christmas 2008-we’re in MOI-we’ll see. I hope yours are home by Easter 2009-or sooner.

    All 4 of your children are precious. I enjoy your blog.

  4. Yes. Every. single. one.


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