running with kids.

The past two evenings I have done something that I love.  I love to do this even though I don’t remember the last time I did.   I feel so good after I do this.  I have never done this with the kids before, but yesterday and today I did.  They did great.  We took books, water and snacks and they were good to go!

I went out on the road and I RAN!  I seriously do not remember the last time I ran.  I miss it.  I enjoy it.  It is hard right now.  It makes me feel good.  I’m embarrassed that last year I ran 2 half marathon’s, a 10K and 2 5K’s and now it is almost July and I haven’t ran one time this entire year.  UGH!  AWFUL!

I ran with my kids in our double stroller.  A stroller that was made for strolling, not for running!  It is hard pushing an extra 50-60 pounds on a run!!!  On the side where Cayden sits was extra heavy (obviously) and that arm was killing me more than my legs.  He was sitting on the inside.  Any advice on my arms not hurting.  When I would walk I would move over to the side where he was and push with my left arm only.   Should the heaviest child sit on the inside or the outside of the stroller?

Each night I have ran 2.2 miles.  Tonight I did it in 31 minutes.  I use the word “ran” loosely.  My plan each night has been walk for 2 minutes then run for 3 minutes.  It has worked well for me.   I am hoping to do this at least 5 times a week.  When Aaron’s home I won’t have to take the kids and I should be super strong after pushing them all week!!

So, anyone out there that is a pro at running with kids in a stroller …. I need any help, advice, hints you might have.  Aaron said tonight that we can start looking at jog strollers.  🙂  Anyone have any advice on good ones/bad ones?


8 responses to “running with kids.

  1. Get one that has a front wheel that turns completely. Mine does not, and I have push it up every time I turn some sort of corner. Noooooo fun!!!!

    Congrats on the running!! That is awesome!!! It is so dang hot here in TX, I couldn’t imagine doing it with two kids in tow! You go!!!! 🙂

  2. Heather Sepulveda

    Great job!! I am impressed that you gathered everyone on up and did it – I am hesitant to take both of my girls to the grocery store! 🙂
    I have never been a runner but have always aspired to be. It’s always something I’ve wanted to do.
    2.2 miles is awesome – I would be lucky if I made it down to the stop sign down our street! Maybe one day I can say that “I run.” hehe
    I would die of heat stroke in Houston if I tried right now.
    Again, great job! Keep going!

  3. I’ve been lightly jogging most mornings lately. I have a two and half yr old and a 10 month old. I have to leave early before it gets too hot and before my baby needs his nap. I try and do it pretty close to when they wake up in the morning that way they are in a good mood. I let my oldest lead the way kida ie I give him say in the route we take. I tell him to look for stop signs and he enjoys that! And I take a toy for my baby. Early on they didn’t do so well but they do great now! Lately we’ve been taking a route by trees my oldest thinks it’s the jungle so he tells me all the animals that live in there. And we stop at the park on before we go home – they love that part!!!

    I have this one…

    Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller with Swivel Wheel
    by: Baby Trend

    It’s a great jogging stroller – I absolutly love it. It even has a hood up for an ipod if you want to listen to music. Perhaps some kiddy music to keep the kiddos happy!!!

  4. I would have to push an extra 80 pounds (J is SO big), so that is why we go to the Y!!:) And actually, I have slowed WAY down these days–mostly the eliptical and walking. But at least I’m more active this pregnancy.

    But I’m impressed with you out there running with both boys!! I think your key would be a good jog stroller. Sorry I’m no help with that part!

  5. Oh yes, a jogger is a must! It will change the whole experience for you. I have the Instep Safari:
    I got it on amazon for $175 and it shipped for free.

    Another thought – if my 3-year-old rides his bike, his pacing is about the same as a fast jog for me, so sometimes I just push India in the stroller and have Jafta ride his bike while I jog.

  6. great job jamie! that’s awesome. its hard to run & push two kids…i’ve tried it! if you find a good stroller, let me know. the one we have now is definitely not good for running…i can barely push it when we go on walks.

  7. Rambling Rose

    No good advice here– but I am feeling terribly lazy after reading this! I need to get off my butt and exercise! I did have a great jogger stroller when my daughter was younger, but I can’t remember the brand. sorry! Try doing an Amazon search where you can read reviews. And a neighbor of mine bought a good used one off (Don’t know if you have that in your area, but it’s worth a shot!)

  8. I have never had success running with a stroller. . .my double is HORRIBLE and now I have 3 so that doesn’t even cut it. The jogger I have doesn’t turn well at all. . I guess it’s only for running in a straight line? weird!

    I just came back to running. .Is tarted by running inside my house! It was hilarious, but the only way for me to work it. . .literally running back and forth from my front to back doors. . I’ve now worked up to be able to do 4-5 miles during the week, but when Greg’s home!

    Good luck!

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