heading to Haiti!

I BOOKED MY TICKETS!  I will be heading to Haiti the end of September and will wrap my arms around these two kids ….

I have been wanting to book these tickets for a while, but was stressed out about it.  I don’t know where we’ll be living in September and that makes it difficult to book tickets!  Last night Aaron and I just decided to book them from Texas and if we’re not there then we’ll figure something out when the time comes!

It does my spirit good to know when I’ll be seeing these kids.  Having a trip on the calendar makes this wait so much easier.  I know that in 91 days I will loving on my two kids in Haiti.  That makes me happy!

Today makes 8 weeks since we entered IBESR.  I wish I knew when we would get out of there!  Waiting is so hard!


15 responses to “heading to Haiti!

  1. Awesome. I am so happy for you being able to go back and see those two.

  2. We have been in first legal for a month now and anxiously waiting to get into IBESR …!!

  3. YAY! so happy for you! I just hope some day REALLY soon we will all get to read about you and Aaron booking tickets to go pick them up and BRING THEM HOME!! 🙂

  4. two of the sweetest kids in the world… look how tall she is!!!

    i am SO excited that you’re going to see them again soon!

  5. Oh my goodness! Is that Story standing up?! They are so beautiful! I am so excited for you to finally get those tickets booked!

  6. have a wonderful trip! How special to know that in 91 days, you will be able to touch them again! Praying its a good trip with lots of good news!

  7. Oh so exciting! I can’t believe she’s standing!!

    make sure to pop by my blog before Friday, I’m giving away a messenger bag I made. Trying to get more people knowing about my sister’s bag’s she’s selling to raise money for her BIL and SIL’s adoption from Colombia.

  8. Look at your big girl! Story looks like she’s graduated to “toddler”. And Amos . . . that face. Seriously, he has such a killer smile. What cuties.

    Off to go check fares . . .

  9. wow! That is NOT Story!!! She looks like a different kid—and she’s standing! I hope you catch her first steps.

  10. praying for you. know how much waiting is.

  11. that is suppose to say: know how much FUN waiting is.

  12. That’s so exciting!!

  13. Cool. Any word on when you get to bring them home?

  14. oh my goodness your little ones are so sweet. IBESR has been moving quickly lately, not sure why 🙂 but looks like we are around the same time entered in and here is to hoping our paperwork has a quick visit, and then onward! 🙂

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