Justin Timberlake and voting Republican

I found this video over at Matthew Paul Turner’s blog. He never ceases to crack me up over there. I thought this was a joke at first, but oh no it’s real.

I also found this video recently over at Heidi’s blog. This is funny no matter what party lines you find yourself in.


4 responses to “Justin Timberlake and voting Republican

  1. hahahaha… that first video is horribly funny!

  2. Hey Jamie!
    Glad you guys got home safely. Hope you can enjoy some down time this weekend.

    Loved the silly church video – but I thought the Republican one was just cheap shots so even though it was meant to be funny, it did not work for me – but maybe because – I HATE politics. I would have hated it if it was taking cheap shots at the Dems too.

    It is all (the political process) so rude, cutting and back-handed. Nothing ever really changes – no matter who is elected. Troy and I are officially on the side of not-voting … it is indeed a “right” — but not an obligation. We’re putting our trust in the King, the rest of these yahoos will never be able to deliver on their promises – but Jesus did/does/and will.

    Your beach photos of the boys were beautiful!

  3. Yes tara – all cheap shots. I would have laughed too had it been making fun of democrats!

  4. Um. i guess people don’t know the history of the republican party. Bush was not a Republican. I repeat he is not a conservative. Republicans like Abraham Lincoln a republican fought to keep the US united and end slavery. It did not stop there. After the civil war the republican congress actually had its firt 5 black congress in the late 1860’s. Also 100% of all republicans from the 1860’s to the 1960’s fought to implement civil rights for blacks. Actually John F Kennedy voted the civil rights bills down. Martin luther King, was a republican. And we all know what he fought for in thhe United States. The KKK what a democratic implemented group to intimidate Republicans and therefore black since most blacks were Republicans. So to taint Republicans as heartless and not caring about civil rights is just propaganda and unfortunately Americans are believing it.

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