potty training gone bad.

For you regular readers, you remember a few weeks ago how I wrote how awesome Deacon was doing at potty training.  How he was so easy to train.  How he was wearing big boy undies and all.  How I was mom-of-the-year …. Oh wait, I didn’t write that, but that’s how I was feeling!

Well, disregard all that!  Vacation can ruin a good start to potty training!  Being at the beach or pool for the first 5 hours of every day can ruin a child during potty training.  I think Deacon might go pp in the potty once a day.  The rest in pull ups.  UGH!

He doesn’t even want to go potty.  So, my wonder child is no longer wonder child!  He is now back to a normal 2.5 year old boy that isn’t potty trained.  No sweat off my back, I was just filling you in.  We’re not stressed out about it or pushing him.  He’ll get it when he gets it!


2 responses to “potty training gone bad.

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  2. I’m so with you! I did 3 days straight and they were doing great by the end. . now it’s hit or miss! I know we should work at it when we have the time, but somedays I’d just rather not!

    Oh well. . they’ll get it eventually!


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