The Color Purple

I watched THE COLOR PURPLE this week.  How have I gone 30 years of my life and never seen this movie?  What an incredible movie.  If you haven’t seen this you must go rent it this weekend.

Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey are amazing in this story.  Their characters are brilliant and Whoopi is remarkable as Celie.

I am now wishing though that I would have read the book by Alice Walker.  I think I might still do that since this story is so phenomenal.

4 responses to “The Color Purple

  1. Here is the thing….I saw this movie when it first came out!!

    You are correct phenomenal!!! Even if it does make me feel really old:)


  2. Heather Sepulveda

    The Color Purple is one of my most favorite movies EVER! It is an AMAZING story!

  3. you’re right. the movie is awsome! i’ve only seen it on TV, though, so I know there are parts that I haven’t seen due to editing. You won’t be disappointed with the book. It’s almost identical to the movie, so there’s not that “the book was better” issue. Glad you liked it!

  4. I watched this movie on the way to Ghana..cried the entire thing! Such a powerful story..but also wish I had read the book first! I have added it to the “books I want to read but need more time to” list.

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