Licia’s new blog

I LOVE LICIA!  She runs the rescue center in Haiti where my sweet Amos and Story live.  They actually live with her and her family.  She has announced her new blog tonight!

So, you must go there NOW.  Subscribe to it NOW.  Leave a comment NOW.  Tell your friends NOW.

Licia heads the rescue center and her sister Lori (where’s your new blog?) heads the clinic.  These people are amazing and are seriously the Ivey’s heros these days!


2 responses to “Licia’s new blog

  1. Got It!!!
    Did you get my message and Emails? I’ve got the stuff you sent! How do I say thank you enough!! Just printed it all out! See you next week! Be safe!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I have yet to meet Licia and Lori, but oh how I can’t wait to someday. For now, I pray for them and we do what we can to contribute financially. I think it is absolutely wonderful that your children are living with Licia’s family and surely benefitting from a loving family environment over an institution. I assume that’s your little girl on her new blog with two new teeth. How exciting! And yet, I know from experience, it’s so hard to not get to watch that happen in person with your sweetie. I enjoy your blog!
    me, the manmi at Chapter 2

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