adoption dreams

I had a great dream last night.  It was one of those dreams where when you wake up you have to figure out if it was true or not.  I literally came downstairs and checked my email to see if the email was really there or not.

It wasn’t.  I remembered I had been dreaming.

I dreamed last night that I received an email stating we were out of parquet.  In my dream I literally jumped up and down, screamed and called Aaron.  We were both so happy!!

If you are wondering what parquet is …. I’m not sure.  Here is where I posted before about the timeline.  We are not in parquet … we are in IBESR …. 6 weeks today!

3 responses to “adoption dreams

  1. Hey Jamie:)

    Here is what I am STILL learning!!! From some of the hardest things in life, like this wait for Amos and Story, comes such shining evidence of how BIG and GOOD God is!!! I just popped off of Aaron’s blog….amazing the amount of $ contributed to RC!!! You, Aaron, Licia, Lori and Zach continue to bring forward what is needed for the sweet children and people of Haiti who so receive love from those at the RC…..your wait is bringing much awareness to people who really need!!!

    Praying for you to persevere(and, okay, for a short wait 🙂 !!!!

  2. funny, I had a dream last night that I got a call from Panama telling me that it was time for us to come and bring her home. In my dream my husband and I were being all mushy-gushy telling one another how great it was going to be to hold her and love her and all that lovey stuff. I’ve been in a funk all day.

  3. i do pray for quick everything for you … i am sure you long to have them home safe and sound, to see 4 shining faces around the dinner table and to give 4 goodnight kisses …

    love ya …

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