Potty Training day 2

I have figured out potty training.  Follow my advice and you won’t go wrong.  When your child starts to realize they have poop and don’t like it.  That is not time to start potty training.  When your child tells you when they are actually peeing in their diaper that is still not time.  When your child goes peepee outside like his big brother that is still not time.  When all those things happen, wait two months and when your child is begging to get the big boy potty out of the garage and dust it off, then wait a week and then they are ready.

Deacon has been ready for a long time, but momma hasn’t!  Yesterday was amazing.  He wet in his pull up one time and from after nap to bedtime wore big boy underwear.  We did have one HUGE 2-year old meltdown though.  While we were outside playing he said the undies were hurting him.  I knew they were not.  I fixed the elastic, and they are a whole size too big so I know they weren’t really  hurting him.  He yelled at me to take them off and get him a pull up.  I told him he was a big boy now and he needed to wear big boy undies like brother does.  He looked at me with the biggest crocodile tears ever and screamed “I am not a big boy, I am a baby boy – get me a pullup!!!”  I started cracking up laughing, which made him even more mad.  It was quite hilarious though.

Today he hasn’t wet his pull up once and he tells me when he has to go.  We went to the splash park today and he told me he had to go potty while we were playing.  I reassured him that he could go in his pants b/c he had a swim diaper on.  He said “no i want to go in the potty”.  I tried to convince him to just go so his lazy momma didn’t have to walk him all the way to the bathroom (it’s not even that far!).  Finally i realized that I’m not teaching him good potty training skills so we went and sure enough he sat down and started peeing.  🙂

He got up from his nap today dry and told me after he had been up about 5 min that he needed to go and he went.  I’m telling you this is too easy, something has to go wrong very soon.  He did go #2 in his pull up today though.  I think that is going to be our downfall.  A lot of times kids don’t transition too well with doing poopy in the potty.  Who knows why.  That doesn’t make sense to me!

We ventured to Target today to get a part to our vacuum that I threw away on accident and so we picked up his own new big boy undies.  He got to pick them out and picked Thomas.  He wore them tonight around the house and looked so grown up.  I was a proud momma.

So, there is our potty training run down for day #2!  I know that if you made it this far in reading this you are either my mom, or ….. well i actually don’t know anyone else that would make it this far – not even aaron!  OH and the part for the vacuum, yeah doesn’t fit!  Lovely.  House is showing tomorrow.  No vacuum tonight and must hassle with Target about a part i opened and didn’t use.  Fun times!


9 responses to “Potty Training day 2

  1. I’m so proud of Deacon!! Kyler did it kinda like that, too. I put him in undies, he wet himself like three times the first day then once the second, then only occasionally after that. The poop does take longer b/c they aren’t used to going until it’s coming by itself. We still have problems with that sometimes. Congrats to you too, mom! 🙂

  2. I do believe I love this potty training advice! The other advice I have is to just wait until they are 3 and going to your MIL’s house for a week and let her potty train, ha! 🙂 That’s what I did with Landen!

  3. It was easy with Ryan as well! Yay for easy to potty train children! I hope my 2 year old will catch on in a few months just as easy as his big brother did. Yay for the budget sliming down b/c you don’t have to buy diapers 🙂

    Target shouldn’t give you a hassle if you have a receipt. I’ve taken some things back after opening them and they didn’t give me a problem .. good luck to you!

  4. Ryan was tough to potty-train but Aaron did it all by himself right after he turned two. He’s my easy baby.

    Hey, sorry about the vacuum, but at least you’re getting showings at your place. NO ONE has even called about mine yet. Grrr…

  5. Ha … I made it all the way through because we are currently in potty training mode, too … Ah, the joys!

  6. That is really funny. I can’t even begin to relate except for my Jack Russell. The first night we got him we kept him in a crate. He went in the crate that one night and never went in the house again. I guess you can’t put kids in a crate to teach them. I’ll have to remember that. 🙂

  7. I read all the way down, hoping for the answer to #2 in the potty. Jack won’t do it for nothin. Let us know when you figure it out.

  8. I read it all because I love to see what you are going to say. You crack me up:). Alex was easy as well, I think when they are ready they just do it. And, I promise a few times of some poop in his big boy pants and he will not like that, the first pair I threw away did it for Alex. Good luck.

  9. I love it! I share the same philosophy on potty training. Better late than early. I’m cracking up about the accidental pooping from trying so hard. Jafta did that a few times too. But he insisted on standing up to pee (like daddy does) so he ended up pooping on the floor!

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