a day of nothing.

Today will be a day of nothing for us.  I have nothing on my ical and if you know me, I put everything on my ical.  I have wanted to fill up these two weeks with stuff to do for us while Aaron’s gone and today is a day of nothing.  At first glance I was bummed because I felt as though I didn’t schedule something for us and I wasn’t being a good summer-time mom.  But this morning waking up to knowing that I had nothing was so refreshing.  In fact, I’m going to try and not leave the house today.

Yesterday we were at Tamara’s house by 7:45 with donuts and sewing machine in hand.  We both ventured through learning a pattern and I must say our finished result doesn’t look that well.  (Licia & Lori can I participate in the sewing classes next time I come and visit!!!!)  Oh well, I will keep trying and eventually I’ll have a dress that I’d be proud to put Story in!

Around 10 yesterday we headed swimming at a friend of Tamara’s.  Great pool.  In fact the nicest pool I’ve ever been in – ever.  Even nicer than a resort pool I went too.  I must say I am not a good pool mom.  I am usually a nervous wreck.  How will I ever do pool time with four kids?  Cayden is terrified of the water and spent most of his time in the hot tub or on top of a big alligator floating around.  Deacon is not that afraid, but yesterday was not too adventurous (good for me!).  There were lots of kids there and my worst fear was that one would go missing.  The kids had a blast, I got some sun on my thighs (they haven’t seen the sun much yet!), and we were all worn out by bedtime!

We started potty training today.  Have I mentioned that I hate potty training?  It takes so much effort!  I sound so lazy!  Anyhow .. it’s only 9:20 and so far so good.  We have our Diego pull ups on and have already pooped every time we sit down to try to pee.  He is so funny.  He pushes so hard to try and pee that a little bit of poo always comes out and then he is so proud of himself!!  That could be way too much information for you, but hey it’s my life these days!

Well, our realtor sent me a text last night that someone would set up a showing today.  Haven’t heard from anyone, but I should pick up just in case they just show up!  Wouldn’t that be loevely!

Off to take Dora and Diego outside to play before it gets blazing hot.  Yes, Cayden is always Diego and he has convinced his brother that there is nothing wrong with him being Dora.   So much so that Deacon has already requested a Dora birthday, and yes it’s not until November.  What to do, what to do?


4 responses to “a day of nothing.

  1. My problem is ALWAYS expecting store quality results. Um, not going to happen when you don’t practice! One great book for simple projects is the “Simple Gifts to Stitch.” African Kelli (www dot africankelli dot com) does a sew along from this book with a new project each month.

  2. I want to go swimming now and I am stuck in a gray cubicle surrounded by piles and piles of paperwork :-/. Yay for Dora!

  3. We just did potty training a few weeks ago! I had forgotten how utterly exhausting it is! It’s intense to watch them so closely all the time! I feel like every conversation I have had lately revolves around peeing and pooping – so I can relate! 🙂

  4. for the birthday party, have birthday express send you a catalog. we ordered something from them like 4 years ago and they still start sending them every year about 3 or 4 months before the time of year i ordered before. it does not matter how convinced my child is in a birthday theme, the minute the catalog arrives she will have completely changed and planned out about the next 6 years worth of birthdays.

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