virgin sewer

So as you know I received a much anticipated sewing machine for my 30th birthday!  I am in love and so desire to create.  I need to create and want to have something to show off for my creations.

My friend Tamara is amazing and has offered to help me out tomorrow morning.  So, I headed to Hancock’s today and picked up a cute pattern to make a dress for my sweet baby girl Story.  I seriously spent an hour in there wondering around not having a clue about what I’m doing.  The boys were fairly well behaved, but it was still very stressful because I had NO clue about what to get or what I needed.  Somehow I made it out of there with what I need.

Got home today and got the mom stuff out of the way.  When the kids were finally in bed I broke out the sewing machine and tried to put it together.  Well, not really put it together, but you know make it work!   I haven’t touched a sewing machine since 8th grade and so me reading the manual was kinda funny.  An hour later I figured it out.

I had to try it out, but what could I sew?  I found a jammie shirt of the boys, folded up the hem and started sewing!  I tried all 10 different stitch patterns (is that what they are called?) and loved it.  I felt like I did something and really I only hemmed up a shirt that didn’t even need hemming!

So, tonight I’m searching the internet for patters, fabric and other cute ideas.  The thing is I’m not that crafty, but I have a DEEP desire to be crafty!  You think it’s possible?

I’m trying this out this week …. you think I can do it?  I wrote down the stuff I need and hopefully this week I can find it!

Okay it’s 10:30 and one of my goals was to be in bed by 10:30 so I’m off ….


12 responses to “virgin sewer

  1. you are my hero… i can’t even get the stitching right! way to go!!!

  2. I’m learning how to sew (I never learned). I found a free pattern online for really cute, hip headbands on Heather Bailey’s blog. You could make Story a headband to match her dress. 😉

    Here’s the link:

    I made a bunch of the headbands as a gift. Super easy to make! I might make some more this week.


    ps…I’m going to email you

  3. i totally got your post, but with my prego brain, when i first read the title i thought of a virgin sewer…”sewer” as in the kind where the poop goes. like “soo-er”. not a “soh-er” haha. i need to get this baby out of me so i can think straight. what the heck would a virgin “soo-er” be?

  4. you are going to have sew much fun! i love creating my own stuff.

    on my first read of the title i saw “sewer” as in what carries off water. and i couldn’t figure out what in the world a “virgin sewer” was!

  5. Jamie,

    I just laughed at you until I cried. I didn’t read that title as SEW-er (one who sews), but as SEWER–that place underground where the water goes and the rats live. I kept wondering what a virgin SEWER was. Too funny.

  6. One word:

    You can thank me later.

    With much love,
    A fellow virgin sewer that got her machine last summer and learned by reading tutorials online.

  7. I read the title as “sewer” as in, “sewage”…the gross kind. And for the life of me couldn’t figure out what that would mean. Then I started reading and it cleared up. Thanks for the morning laugh! Good luck with your “sewage”..haha..

  8. I love these. I am going to try some for baby gifts too!

  9. Okay so ya’ll are cracking me up! Did I spell it wrong? EVERYONE thought sewage!

    Maybe I should have said virgin seamstress!

    Oh and my first dress = disaster! If i had a camera i would show you, but let me just tell you …. I need lessons!

  10. I was thinking sewage too ha ha.

    I have a sewing machine that I’ve never used. I really really ache to open it up and use it somehow. The actual sewing part doesn’t scare me, it’s the math that freaks me out. When I used to go shopping for fabric with my mom I’d get totally lost while she was mumbling numbers.

  11. You can definately learn to be crafty! Just copy other people’s ideas until your own creative juices flow. That’s how I do it! I also learned to sew by reading manuals and watching tutorial videos online. Have fun tomorrow!

  12. I totally had to read the title twice, too. I thought of “Flushed Away” 🙂

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