French fries

Is this really weird, or really good?

Just now Aaron was cutting up a potato to make french fries (baked of course) for later tonight when we eat our hot dogs (turkey of course) and burgers (veggie of course) when a conversation like this went down in the kitchen:

C:  Daddy what you doing?

D:  Cutting up this potato to make french fries.

C;  French fries?

D:  Yes

C:  What are french fries?

Aaron and I looked at each other and smiled.

D:  Cayden don’t tell your friends what you just asked!


11 responses to “French fries

  1. we have created a monster.

  2. It’s really weird! 🙂

  3. I am thinking that is really good!!! I am feeling the mommy guilt right about now – ’cause mine knows all to well about french fries! that is great that he doesn’t!

  4. I think that’s awesome!!! Plus, the homemade fries are so much better. I have found a great cookbook, La Dolce Vegan. No I’m not vegan (yet), but the recipes are delicious and seems like something your family would enjoy.

  5. I just left a comment on aaron’s post…..Kyle is deeply concerned. He is a fry guys! So…good for Cayden, sad for Kyle!

  6. Hah that is great!

  7. hi jamie, i always see lori’s and Licia’s blogs, iam in touch with Licia.
    I love their work there and your kids are so nice. i started an adoption in Haiti, i will take it personally to PAP. i have a dossier just finished. i will go to Haiti soon. (by the way, i live so far away!!!!…..: i am from Argentina) I love your adoption story!!!!

  8. Very cool. I’ve never really liked potatoes or French fries.

  9. That poor, poor child! I guess in our effort to introduce chocolate milk and real ice cream, we have failed with the fries. Please forgive us!
    The “not so healthy” shingleton family

  10. Depends…does he at least know what Sonic mozzarella cheese sticks are? Thanks to your frequent blogging about them, I am also addicted. 🙂

  11. so … we just had mozzarella sticks TODAY!!! Don’t tell Aaron …. the day he leaves all craziness starts happening around here!!!

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