Sara Groves videos

Okay so I’m a big Sara Groves fan. I have worn out her first cd and have just recently gotten a hold of her newest one and have listened daily since I got home from Haiti (thanks tara!)

I was searching tonight for songs of hers and ran across these videos …. enjoy and soak up her lyrics because they are rich and full with life.

Painting pictures of Egypt – LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! Speaks to me in this time of waiting in our adoption … here are the final lyrics …. if it comes to quick i may not appreciate it, is that the reason behind all this time … if it comes too quick i may not recognize it, is that the reason behind all this time

He’s always been faithful – wow I LOVE this song. I have no idea who did this video and it is kinda cheesey, but soak up the words. Allow them to penetrate your soul.


2 responses to “Sara Groves videos

  1. Sara Groves has another awesome song called “when the saints go marching” I believe. Also one called “the word”, also really good lyrics!

  2. yes matt “when the saints go marching in” is my absolute new favorite song ever!!!! love it!!!

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