I saw what I saw

A blog friend of mine, Brandi, had this video on her blog recently in a post called I SAW WHAT I SAW. I recently heard this song after my trip to Haiti and it has touched my heart as well. If you have been to a 3rd world country and have seen some things that have ever changed you this video will resonate with your soul. I have recently fallen in love with Sara Groves’ album and this song is one that I’m loving listening to. It is even better now after seeing this video.

3 responses to “I saw what I saw

  1. i love this cd.

    the song has been haunting me for a long while. i love it. the video is great but i heard there is a dvd about this. i am going to research and i will let you know what I find out.

  2. thank you for reminding me of this touching video I had seen before…
    being reminded of such truths at a time we are reminded of the brevity of life stirs a cry in my heart to live each day to the fullest.

  3. how much do you love this. . .I’m sure, though, that you, like me have your very own pictures that run through your head while you hear the words. . the sights, smells, sounds you heard that will forever be embedded in your soul. oh my. .


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