The Shack

I just started reading THE SHACK this week.  I’m on chapter six and so far I’m enjoying it lots.  It has one of my worst fears being the back drop for the story and journey he goes on with God.

I would love to hear from those of you that have read it.  What are your thoughts?  It has been highly recommended to me by some great friends of mine.  I have also heard that some people don’t like it.  So … give me your reviews!


8 responses to “The Shack

  1. Haven’t read the Shack, but I did do the game and answer the questions on my blog. Thanks for tagging me. Hope we can get to know each other better!

  2. Yeah, my fears too. I really liked it, it made me very uncomfortable, but I needed that. It gave me a lot of Hope, that the God I am seeking out, wants that and can’t wait for me to get a place where I can stop turning in circles and stop to see Him (or her 😉 ) It really takes God “out of the box”. This is real and raw and right where I am at. I loved it.

  3. I just started reading this myself. I’m only on chapter 2 though so I can’t really give any reviews but I’ve heard great things about it.

  4. I’m halfway through it… I’m enjoying it so far. Wendy and Courtney have read it and loved it. We’ll have to chat about it when we get done with it. Hope you are good. Miss you guys. Can’t believe the summer schedule is around the corner for both of us!!!!

  5. nancymattingly

    I read it. I believe I felt every emotion possible as I read. I know I will need to read it again, this time with a highlighter. It made me think outside the box, that’s for sure. I’m still pondering it – not sure entirely how I feel. Will love to hear your thoughts when you finish it. love you!

  6. I read this a few weeks ago. I read about a third of it the first night and my stomach was in knots and I could not sleep—very powerful stuff. The rest of it was interesting to say the least…I was not as big of a fan as many are, but Im a very tough one to please. It is becoming a very popular and controversial book to say the least. Anyway, hope you post more about this one!

  7. did anyone give you crap for reading this? when i read blue like jazz i actually got an email that said “I always considered you a person of strong faith – so it surprised me to hear you were reading Miller” —– it is funny how reading a book can cause someone to question your faith — because you know, that is SO their right. People are such assholes sometimes. I have the Shack here – Jen read it and said she thought I would like it …. I found out it was controversial BEFORE I bought it … that is the rebel in me. 😉 I ordered same Kind of Different as Me last week on Amazon — anxious for it to get to Haiti.
    love to you guys-

  8. T – YES I have gotten crap from a few for reading this but overall everyone has said great things about it. I am about halfway through and so far am enjoying it. It was highly recommended to me by someone that I look up to as a believer and a woman.

    I can’t wait for you to read Same Kind of Different as Me. You will L-O-V-E it!!!


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