looks like a cow ….

While on our walk tonight we saw lots of fun things.  We found a snake that had his head cut off by a shovel on the side of the road.  Very cool for the boys.  Deacon claims he saw a dinosaur and a lion on our walk!  We looked for turtles and rabbits but never had any luck.  🙂

We saw lots of people walking with their dogs tonight.  The boys like to point out the dogs and say hi to them and wonder if they are boy dogs or girl dogs.  About half way through our walk we saw a husband and wife walking their two dogs when Cayden pointed at them and yelled “look mom one of them looks like a cow”.  You should have seen her face.  I think she thought he was talking about one of them, when really one of their dogs had spots like a cow.

We got a good laugh out of it and it made me think of how so often we see somethings in life that no one else would notice.  I would have never though that dog looked like a cow, but that’s the first thing my four year old noticed.


3 responses to “looks like a cow ….

  1. I absolutely love watching the world through my kids eyes. Their vision is just uncluttered.

  2. Giggle. Giggle. Its always fun when your kids haven’t learned how to filter yet. Munchkin is eight and still doesn’t filter well. 🙂

  3. nancymattingly

    That’s really cute! Oh, how I miss walking with little boys…….

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