A thousand splendid suns

Finished SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME on the way to Texas and LOVED it – one of my favorite books of all times!  On the way home I started WHITE TEETH by Zadie Smith and couldn’t get into it.  Anyone else read it?  Liked it?  I couldn’t do it so I took it back and checked out A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS by Khaled Hosseini.  He also wrote THE KITE RUNNER, which I absolutely loved as well.  Looking forward to diving into this one.

On the way to Texas we listed to GIVING by Bill Clinton.  Whether you are a Clinton fan or not doesn’t matter with this book.  I highly recommend it.  I was challenged and inspired all in the same book.  We can all do more to give back.  Do books on tape/cd count as books you’ve read???  Today I also checked out THE PILOT’S WIFE by Anita Shreve to listen to in the car.  Amy was reading it in Haiti and couldn’t seem to put it down.  The only bad part is that she practically told me everything that happened.  Nothing will surprise me in this book!

Anyone reading/listening to anything good right now?  I have a running list of books, so let me know and I’ll add it!


14 responses to “A thousand splendid suns

  1. ha ha! amy got you hooked! love that woman.

  2. i have SAME KIND A DIFFERENT AS ME but haven’t read it yet…will have to get on it…

  3. Oh!!! The Pilot’s Wife is so good! I read it about a year ago and kept staying up till dawn (well then it only took me literally two or three nights!) reading it! It’s absolutely one of my favorites! I hope you love it, be sure to post about what you think!

  4. I read The Pilot’s Wife a couple of years ago, and LOVED it. They also have some movie out about it, but have never seen it. How do read in the car? It makes me soooooo sick to my stomach! 🙂

  5. “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch…it’s great…very inspiring and perfect to listen to on cd.

  6. “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch…very inspiring!

  7. Welcome home. I also wanted to comment on your earlier post. I can totally relate to how you are feeling. It is so hard at times to keep thing in perspective and to keep the focus of our lives on what truly matters. Here is a great book I am reading now. I am about half way through it and have enjoyed it so far. “The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience: Why Are Christians Living Just Like the Rest of the World?” by Ronald Sider

  8. A Thousand Splendid Suns is my all time favorite book. I liked it better than Kite Runner…which I loved.

  9. We are doing “The Shack” in small group soon. . I’ve heard it’s amazing, but haven’t read it yet.

    2 books that are AMAZING: Red Letters and Fields of the Fatherless both by Tom Davis. . you’ll LOVE them both. . .I promise


  10. okay i’m about 50 pages in now and cant stop thinking about it. i can’t wait until i can read it again!!!

    haven’t even listed to the pilot’s wife yet. maybe i’m not in the car as much as i thought???


  11. I read Giving a few months ago and also loved it. What a great idea for a book.

    Oh, and Happy 30th! I hit that milestone last October. At least it now feels a little more legit when people find out that I have 6 kids. Now I just get the “You have 6 kids and you’re only 30!” comment, as opposed to “You’re only 29 and you’re about to have 6 kids! Wow!”


  12. Hi. I don’t know if we’ve met, but you commented on my blog so I ended up on your blog, your husbands, etc. and now I am hooked. We are just starting the process for another domestic adoption, but plan to adopt overseas next. I would love to talk with you sometime about your experience. Your kids are so cute. I want to squeeze Deacon’s cheeks. He looks like my Jude! Anyway…this post is about books. I am an avid reader so I don’t want to overwhelm, but lately I discovered Scot Westerfeld. Strangely enough, I found him in the “young adult” section (translation teenage books). But he is so good. Kind of science-fictiony, but not too weird. Read the Ugly series. You won’t be able to put it down.

  13. Gwen – you must read SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME as soon as you can – GREAT BOOK!!!

    Tracey – I loved your reccomendation for A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS – GREAT BOOK!

    Staci – thanks for the comments on my sweet boy … yes your hubby recently contacted my hubby and we made the connection to who everyone is!!! I would love to talk anytime you want about international adoption. By NO means am I an expert, but i have done domestic and now am in the midst of international. Both VERY different, but so many similarities too!

  14. I read “Same” while on my mission trip to New Orleans. Ron and Denver are speaking at our Operation Care Dallas banquet. I can’t wait to meet them. My friend, Susie, loves hanging out with Denver. She can’t understand him hardly, but he makes her laugh and laugh. It is always great fun to be with her after she has spent time with him. She will be working and then burst into laughter. When I ask why? She says it is because Denver makes her laugh.

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