Amos, Story & Momma

Missing these two as I fall asleep tonight and looking forward to seeing my other two tomorrow.  I’m torn.  I’m dealing with missing kids in two different places.  Two I spent the last week with and two that I missed last week.  Adoption is hard.


10 responses to “Amos, Story & Momma

  1. I’m praying for your family. I know the pain of leaving kids in Haiti…missing your children in America that you’ve been away from. It is a strange mix of emotions. It is intense down to the core. I never knew that my heart could literally ache, but it can. I pray that today there can be joy in the midst of your heartache. I am praying for your family to be embraced with the tangible presence of the Lord today.

    Story and Amos are beautiful!

  2. I love this picture! Amos and Story are such little cuties. I know you are so proud of them. Glad you guys made it back safely. Having to give your kids back is the WORST. Spending that time together is so priceless though. So bittersweet. Praying that time will fly and Amos and Story will be HOME before ya know it!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. theinnermostbox

    From the heart of one adoptive mom to another, my prayers are with you. It has been an encouragement to me to read your thoughts and feelings in this past week, about poverty, about need, about love, and about mothering. I hope that you will find blessing and peace during your wait for “forever family.”

  4. I love that picture of you guys…but it breaks my heart at the same time…

    So glad you were able to spend time with them this week—sorry you had to leave them here 😦 Maybe next time it won’t be on a packed motorcycle?!?!

  5. What a beautiful picture! You will come out of this journey a changed woman. I just see this image of a seasoned believer, full of Godly beauty, parenting 4 amazing children.

  6. what a sweet sweet picture … i am praying for your heart and for the papers and people to speed up so you can bring your babies home … i love ya girl … happy mother’s day …

  7. Happy Mothers Day my friend, you are in my prayers today.

  8. Diane sends her love and prayers … She ask me to send this to you as her computer time has come to an end for a while …

    i thought of you a lot today as I held Savannah Hope in church and knowing how hard your journey is right now … I think Story and Savannah are the same age …I am here if you need anything …

  9. this has got to be so hard for you!!! I love the picture with you and your son and daughter!

  10. What a mix of emotions you must have had coming home. So happy to see Cayden and Deacon but so sad to leave Amos and Story. Can’t wait for all four of them to be able to play together at home! Love the picture. Christi

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