International adoption is hard for many reasons, but one reason is because you feel as though you miss so much.  I missed Amos’ first words, I’ll miss Story’s first words, I missed Amos’ first steps, and I’ll more than likely miss Story’s first steps.  This is hard for me, but there’s nothing I can do about it and it is just a part of the game.  I don’t like it but I have accepted it.

God was so good to me yesterday and granted me two firsts.  I’m totally assuming, but I don’t think Amos has ever been on a swing set before.  I enjoyed watching him and Aaron swing as it was probably a first that God gave me to experience.

Last night Story was sitting up and she moved onto her belly got up on her knees and eventually was army crawling to her toy.  First time.  At Licia’s the other day she would get up and rock but never went anywhere.  I saw it for the first time.

God was so gracious to me yesterday.  The kids are good.  Amos is a hoot and Story is great.  She got up twice last night and that’s not too bad for a 5 month old.

9 responses to “first

  1. Hey Jamie:)

    God is so good!!! Yes…you will miss SOME firsts, but, not the one’s that in God’s plan will matter….He has it all taken care of for your family in His time….I, too, have journeyed in international adoption…so, much of it is humanly controlled causing us to miss a few( my two daughters who were ten months old) some (Amos and Story) or years (my daughter who was close to five when she became my daughter:)….yet, in God’s plan the firsts I missed did not matter, He was there, but, what if we had not ventured to where we felt we were lead…to international adoption, in our case, China. Not only would I have missed some of my daughters firsts…I’d have missed ALL their firsts, I’d have missed it being their Mama….so, continue to walk the journey knowing God sees all the firsts and He has so many left to share with you and your beautiful Story and cutie pie(handsome:) Amos!!!

    Big Hugs,
    Diane…as you can tell I’m so cheering for you all!!!

  2. God is so good! You’ll also cheris “firsts” that you wouldn’t with brand new infants. I actually took pictures of Davis’ first trip to Target! ha ha!

    Have a blast and I pray for many more firsts just in this short time!


  3. i can only imagine all the emotions that you are feeling … a mission trip, visiting w/your children, and taking in each moment and trying to memorize them … i will send prayers daily …

  4. seriously? army crawling already? that’s very cool and I’m so glad you got to see it!

  5. You are in my prayers, I can not imagine how wonderful yet sad at the same time this trip is for you. I am praying for God to give you total peace. Love ya my friend. Hope Aaron is feeling better.

  6. Jami My husband and I have had our new daughter home one month. It took us more than a year to get her home but it is so worth it. She also came from the loving arm of Licia and Lori. She is 7. You have most likely met her if you have been there. Loudnie. So many fears about the future and how adoptions can effect her life. God has taken them all and turned them into dust with the joy of serving him by caring and loving this little girl. The US is a big place to these little ones. Haiti is easy for them not for us. We see alot of big eyes and an open mouth. It is the most fun I have ever had. We will pray without stop until your little ones are home. They are sweet and you are right Amos if so funny. Enjoy every moment. The Marcums

  7. this made me tear up–what a sweet gift! i will never forget Ava’s first time on a swing–it was pure joy! How fun that you got to see that!!

  8. I’m so happy you got those “firsts”. Remember, there will be many more to come. They will be different than the traditional “firsts”, but they will by your firsts.

  9. Hang in there….You will get TONS of firsts that THEY will remember as well. They won’t remember first steps, but they will remember when their boyfriend or girlfriend hurts them and your there as their mom. Just an example. I know it probably doesn’t help much, but I tried. 🙂 Bless you guys!!


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