7:33 Sunday, May 4th
As I sit here all alone with the kids things are starting to sink in.  This has been the hardest trip I’ve ever been on for a few reasons.  I’m in Haiti for “mission work” and I’m also being mommy to two of the cutest little Hatian kids I’ve ever seen and we barely know each other.  I’m wanting to experience all there is to experience here while also getting to know these two kids, loving on them and just getting to be their mommy for a week.  I’m loving it.  I won’t lie though and tell you it is easy.

Yesterday we walked around the village that this mission serves. We said hello to the people in our best kreyol, we held hands with the kids, some played games with them and others drew on their arms to create tattoo’s.  J  It was such a great experience to see how it all works.  How these people live, where they live and how they do it.  The trip was exhausting from carrying around Amos and Story, but I wouldn’t change a thing!  I got a couple of crazy stares with Story in my carrier.  Just looks kinda strange for me to be carrying her around here in the village.

The kids are doing fabulous.  Fabulous!  My biggest fears were erased as soon as we saw them.  I was scared they wouldn’t come to us, or that Amos would be scared of Aaron.  I was afraid that he wouldn’t want to leave Licia and her place.  He has connected with us instantly and was in the car waiting when it was time to go.  He is such a joy.  He is so happy and is so much fun.  He enjoys everyone on the group and hasn’t had any “freaking out” moments yet.  Story is a great baby.  Happy Happy Happy!  She gets up about 1-2 times a night and eats and goes back down.  Easy.  She has been a champ in the baby carrier.  She is great in it when she’s sleeping, but doesn’t like to be in it too much when she’s awake.

I honestly am so thankful for this time with the kids.  We are so blessed and honored that all the parties involved were okay with this.  Tara & Troy have been more than accommodating for us and that kids.  Licia was so great about letting us take care of them for this whole week!  We are blessed and this week will do so much for our morale as we wait through this long process of getting these kids home.

Today the team is hiking up a mountain and attending church up there.  I was kinda bummed I didn’t go, but this day with just me and the kids will be fabulous and great for all three of us!  Story is napping right now, Amos is sitting in my lap and we’re about to go find some cars and get to playing on the ground!

Thank you for all your prayers.  Mom, Nancy – how are the boys?  Tell them we love them and miss them LOTS.  Amos is going to fit in perfectly with Cayden and Deacon.  Perfect!


2 responses to “day3

  1. Hi Jamie:)

    All this must be so joyous and yet, so very, very difficult. I can not imagine, and yet, I can hold you all in prayer. Prayed for healing of Aaron, hoping he feels better. You and Aaron are a specially blessed family….keep pressing forward…your day to be united as a family of six(maybe more than that 🙂 will happen!!!!

    Praying and holding you all deep in my heart,

  2. So excited about your time with your kids and everything God is showing you through Haiti! Steven and I were a little (OK a LOT) sad today at lunch knowing we are not with you! We are praying so much for you. We Love you both and can’t wait for you to get home to hear all the stories and see pictures. We (I) miss you a lot and I know Steven misses Aaron 🙂

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