Aaron’s sick

Right now I’m on the floor in our room with Amos as he colors and we stick our tongues out at each other.  Story is sleeping in her bed and Aaron is in his bed.  Both of them are crashed asleep.

Aaron is sick and hasn’t done much today but sleep.  I feel so bad for him, because you never want to be sick, but you also never want to be sick in a different country.  He also feels as though he is missing out on everything too.  I hate that for him.  Pray that he gets better and that is able to get up and go tomorrow.

This morning we toured the village where we are.  We went to the damn that they have here that I think was built in the 40’s.  Not sure about that, someone confirm if you think I’m wrong.  J  We took Amos and Story and they did great.  Finally Story fell asleep and I put her in my new carrier and she was great.  I got many looks from ladies wondering about this blanc (white person) carrying around a baby that didn’t look like me.  Everyone in the village is super nice and we had a great trip through the place.

I experienced a first for my time in Haiti today.  The market.  That was an experience.  Wow is all I can say.  There is NO way I could even begin to describe that to you on here.  NO way.  I didn’t take any pictures, because I thought it would be rude so I’ll just have to tell you in person when I see you next.  J

5 responses to “Aaron’s sick

  1. Dam, Jamie… you went to the Dam. 😉

    We’re praying for everyone, and especially Aaron’s health. See y’all soon!

  2. Praying for Aaron. I can’t wait to hear about the market experience!

  3. Oh, I remember the looks in Africa when we went to the market and I carried Davis on my back in a lappa. . well, looks and comments, I should say! Some sweet, some silly and some downright rude. My favorite? “That baby is blacK?”. . like this was a surprise to me!

    Have SOOOO much fun!! Drink it in and write it all down for us! I’d love to go to Haiti sometime.


  4. hey that market is something isnt it? It ended up being one of my very favorite things to do! It was always an adventure jumping in a taptap. Hope aaron is feeling better.

  5. I spoke to one of the engineers on that project while in Haiti one day.

    I know “weird” but that’s the way Haiti is.

    He said they did most of the canal systems in the mid 50’s.

    Did you get to ride down the dam on rocks. Now that redefines fun!

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