we’re here

We are here!!!!  After a delayed plane trip yesterday out of Miami we made it safely here and everyone is adjusting just fine.


We have made ourselves at home with the Livesay’s and they are wonderful as we expected.


We are now at the clinic counting pills and I have the most beautiful little girl strapped to me in my new carrier as she sleeps.  I am in love all over again with her.


Amos was saying mamma and pappa to us when we arrived.  He went to me with NO Problems and has gone to Aaron amazingly well.  They are friends already.  We have had a much better transition this time than my trip in January.  My fears of him not wanting us, are gone.  I truly think he knows who we are!


Gotta go.  More pills to count and sort ……

5 responses to “we’re here

  1. Great to hear you made it! Can’t wait to see pictures. Speaking of…I got my Haiti t-shirt today! So excited…email on the way to you guys.

  2. That’s wonderful to hear!

  3. Yes we are!

    It was so amazing to meet Amos and Story today!

  4. chasingthelion

    so cool that you guys are there spending time with them. What an amazing opprtunity in adoption. I hope Aaron gets better and I can’t wait to hear more.

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