Here are a few things I want to tell you before I crawl in bed only to wake up in 5 hours!

  • Our dog got a hair cut today. You must go right now to Aaron’s blog and see before and after pics. Hilarious!
  • I read one of the BEST books I have ever read in the car yesterday on the way down here. Same kind of different as me – unbelievable book! Go right now to your local library and check it out. I did the “ugly cry” for 50 pages yesterday and Aaron thought his wife had lost it and Cayden drew a picture of his mommy crying while he doodled in the backseat!
  • Tomorrow we leave the house at 3:45 AM – yes you read that right. what the heck???
  • Tomorrow we step foot in Haiti. Aaron will see the Haitians playing their music outside right before you step into the airport and head through customs.
  • In two days I’ll see my kids again and Aaron will meet his kids for the first time.
  • In two days I’ll see Licia! Yippee! Love that woman!
  • Tomorrow I’ll meet Tara!! Yippee!! Love that woman and we’ve never met!!!

Hopefully one of us will be able to post from Haiti!!!


6 responses to “MISC.

  1. Did I miss the name of the book somewhere?

  2. Glad you liked the book! Told you it was good…

    We are so totally praying for you guys!!! I pray that your team can be a source of encouragement and a breath of fresh air to the folks serving in the rescue center.

  3. Praying for you guys and your trip.

    I read Same Kind of Different as me a few months ago. Definitely awesome!

  4. Ahhh, Jamie, I am SO EXCITED for all of your family!!! I can not wait to see photo’s of you, Aaron, Amos and Story….I will hold you all in prayer and look forward, as always, to the day you bring Amos and Story home to meet their sweet brothers waiting!!

    I want to also thank you and Aaron and the rest of your friends for being Christ’s Hands, Feet and Loving Heart!!! Haiti is gonna LOVE you guys!! You guys are the best!!! Have fun and know you are held in prayer!!!


  5. we are praying for you guys to have a safe and blessed trip!

  6. I am SO excited for you to see you precious babies again! And for Aaron to mee them. That’s going to be such an amazing moment! I prayed for you, and I’ll keep praying for the whole team/trip. Have an awesome time! Thanks for doing God’s work out there!
    And can I just say, blogs are cool. I’ve never met you 2 but through your blogs I’ve learned so much. And now you have strangers praying for you!

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