why Monday?

Why must every place I need to go today have to be closed on Monday’s?  Seriously why not Tuesday’s?

Just like me to wait until the last minute to do stuff though.

Deacon’s barber – closed today.  What is two more weeks with crazy big hair?

Driver’s license place to renew – closed today.  My license will expire on 5/6 while I’m in Haiti.  Not like I didn’t get a letter from them 2 months ago reminding me of this!

2 responses to “why Monday?

  1. Kristi Marshall

    Hey Jamie! It’s Kristi Marshall…Mandy told me she talked to you and you remember me 🙂 I just wanted to let you know how incredible all of this is!? I am just blown away by all that you have going on. I would love to talk more about some of it, I know you are about to go out of town (which i will be praying for!), but maybe sometime this summer we can catch up!
    Safe Travels!!!

  2. Hey–you can renew your license online. And you wont’ have to wait FOREVER at the actual place. Just thought I’d pass that along.

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