5 days …

top 5 things today ….

1 more night before our open house

2 more loads of laundry today

3 is how old Amos will be next month

4 is how many kids we’ll have under one roof eventually

5 more days until I’m in Haiti!


5 responses to “5 days …

  1. They are so beautiful! I had dearly hoped that perhaps we could send our dossier with you to hand deliver, but unfortunately we are still being held up with finances … I pray you have a wonderful, fabulous, spiritually enriching trip!

  2. Ok since you moderate dont post my last comment. lets say Thanks for the comment I’m almost done I just need to add a fan and im pretty much done with the back yard. I do want to put a chimminey or chimini but that is a fall thing though. Ok. IM out

  3. I need to give them each 5 kisses!

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