donating to Haiti

So my blog friend Kat, over at THE SECRET LIFE OF KAT, is amazing! She is having a contest over at her site. You could win a very cool PDA just for donating as little as $5 for our tirp. We’re taking cash down to buy food for people in Haiti. So, go to her site. Donate some money to the people of Haiti and maybe you could have your self a very cool and hip PDA – calendar, to do list, contact organizer, record video, take pictures, play mp3’s, read ebooks, edit word, exel files, etc 🙂

Kat is also throwing in a wireless keyboard and hard case!  Wow – all for just donating $5 to a great cause!

She doesn’t need her PDA anymore and what a great way for her to get rid of it.  She says it is used, but in great condition!


7 responses to “donating to Haiti

  1. Just to clarify – it’s not a phone (and it’s not new – it’s mine – well taken care of, but not brand new.)

    It’s just a PDA – a calendar, to do list, contact organizer, that can also record video, take pictures and play mp3’s. You can read ebooks, edit word, excel files – etc.

    I’m also including a wireless keyboard and a hard case.

  2. i’m a dork. i don’t even know what a PDA is! Ha!

    I’m fixing the post now …..

    thanks kat!

  3. Ok so I know I am going on the Haiti trip but Marcus and I made a donation to try to win the PDA! Hope we don’t get disqualified. O well I know where the money is going! Hehe!!

  4. Thanks for finding someone to do it this way! Done!

    Can’t wait to hear God uses you!


  5. I just saw the pictures on Lori’s site … SO sweet! (:

  6. I am the Clarissa from FBC SL. I am married and have a baby girl she is 1. If you need some girl clothes I have some hand me downs and some new clothes that were handed to me that Makenzie was never able to wear. I don’t know what size Story is or what size she will be, but if you let me know if you want some I have some super cute stuff. Story looks kinda small, and Makenzie is tiny she is only in the third percentile on the growth chart. She is a year old wearing 6month and 9 month clothes. Anyways I digress. Let me know if you would be interested in some outfits. I think Matt and I may be up for a visit sometime this summer. (Probably more like Augustish). He is considering attending Southern Seminary.

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