Haiti needs.

Hello friends.  You tired of me telling you about Haiti needs yet???  I hope not.  If so, just move on to the  next blog.  🙂  If you’re not tired of them yet …. keep reading and know that I won’t be blooging about request for a while since this is my last trip planned for a while.  😦  Hopefully I can get back in September to see my babies!

As you know when we travel to Haiti we love to take stuff to bless the people.  Stuff they need and also stuff they like and just can’t get in Haiti very easily.  Aaron and I are both going this time and that means FOUR STUFFED bags to leave there for the people!

We leave TN on April 29th and we fly to Haiti on Thursday, May 1st!  Yippee!!!  We can NOT wait to get down there and love on our kids!

We’re going to the mission where the Livesay family works.  We’re excited to serve them and bless them while we are blessed through being in Haiti!   Check those websites out and see all the good stuff that goes on there.

Here are some of their needs.  They are in the early stages of having the clinic open and of course there are basic needs for them there.  Below are also some of the Livesay’s personal needs.

tubes of Hydrocortisone ointment, 1% or 2.5%
tubes of anti-fungal creams/ointments (for example, Clotrimazole/Lotrimin, Miconazole, etc)
Silvadene burn cream (the generic name is silver sulfadiazine)
Infant gas relief drops (Mylicon or the generic version, Simethicone)
Saline nasal spray for infants/children
Adaptec burn dressings

Wet Wipes
Granola Bars
Flavored Powder Cream

We are also taking $$$$ to buy food for the Haiti organizations (orphanages, etc) and people around them.  We don’t want to just hand out money to people so we’re going to be buying food in the market and then deliver it.  How cool is that!!!  So, If everyone I know gave us $5 we could buy lots of food.  You in?  We’ll be taking YOUR cash down there and giving something that will help them and their family SURVIVE.

I always tell people that a bunch of little stuff makes up a big donation!  So, we can all put our resources together and bless the socks off of these people.  🙂

If you would like to donate the Livesay family would LOVE this and so would the many people in Haiti that they serve.

Thanks guys!!!


6 responses to “Haiti needs.

  1. How are you taking money? Can you do a paypal button or something? By the time I buy stuff and send it to you. . I could have just sent more cash. I’d like to donate $20, but you can buy stuff with it to donate or use it for food. . whatever. . . just tell me how to get it to you!

    PS I know how you feel about constantly broadcasting needs. . people are so sick of hearing about Africa from me! ha ha

  2. Can I just send a check to your address? By the way we got our referral and it’s a boy!!!! You can check out my blog to see his pictures!!!! I am so glad things have quieted down so you all can still go on your trip……..


  3. don’t ever stop talking

  4. I second the paypal button. I’d love to blog about this on my blog and make it as easy as possible for folks to give.

  5. paypal works too. 🙂

    send it to aaron@spur58.net

    or go to http://www.savingdowensky.com and click on the donate button.

    thanks guys!


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