i am

I first saw this on Ginger’s blog and then Debra’s and thought I would give it a try.

i am: tired
i think: my boys are lots of fun.
i know:  Aaron is my best friend
i want:  Carson to mind me.
i have:  a great life.
i wish:  Amos & Story were here sleeping tonight.
i hate: scary movies
i miss:  Aaron tonight.
i fear:  someone close to me dying
i feel: insecure in my own body sometime
i hear: HGTV – house hunters
i smell: coffee
i crave: Sonic cheesesticks daily but only eat once or twice a month.
i search: the internet for news on Haiti
i wonder: how people in NYC take taxi’s with kids
i regret: not taking my friend Amy to Cali with  me in high school, and instead taking a loser boyfriend
i love: sitting on the couch with Aaron watching tv and eating popcorn
i ache: for Amos and Story to meet Cayden and Deacon.
i care: what people think of me.
i always: stay up too late.
i am not: looking forward to packing.
i believe: that Aaron truly adores me.
i dance: with two sweet boys.
i sing: Carrie Underwood’s “Before you cheat” (I think that’s the name) very loud in my car!
i cry: for many reasons.
i don’t always: read my bible every day.
i fight: the desire to think bad thoughts.
i write: my kids full names on the bulletin at church while doodling
i win: the lottery in my dreams.  🙂
i lose: my cell phone at least twice a year and have to buy a new one
i never: go a day without telling Aaron that I love him dearly
i confuse: needs with wants often.
i listen: to my kids talk to each other and smile.
i can usually be found: with two kids hanging on me
i am scared: at night when I hear noises and Aaron’s gone.
i need: to feel loved.
i am happy about: moving.


7 responses to “i am

  1. i don’t know why but this was so hard for me to finish.

    it intrigued me on Ginger’s blog so I knew I had to do it.

  2. it was so hard for me too… it looked fun and easy, but was much more difficult than i realized!

    i am happy about you moving too! 🙂 love you and can’t wait to see you next week!

  3. jamie, the lose the cell phone thing…i have you beat. Lost about three cell phones in the last six months.

  4. It was all great until the last one!

  5. It is about time you finally admitted it!!! hehe!

  6. Jamie, thanks for this fun idea. I did it on my blog also.

  7. Too funny! I’m going to remember this for a day when I’m at a loss on what to post!

    Hey, I also wanted to tell you about a new site I’m doing. . .www.kidslake.org it’s for kids to make a difference in other kids’ lives. AND, a resource to help the parents or teachers to use those projects as educational opportunities too! I’d love your feedback!


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