16 pair of shorts

I just realized that my four year old son has 16 pair of shorts for the summer.  WHAT?  Who needs 16 pair of shorts?  I love hand-me-downs and was recently blessed by my friend Christie with lots of great stuff.  I thought about giving some of the shorts away and then reminded myself that in 2 years I’ll have TWO four year old’s!!!!  I’ll keep them and then send them off to Haiti when we’re done with them.  🙂

Before I had kids the thought of second hand clothes grossed me out.  I said I would never make my kids wear hand-me-downs.  Oh how things change when you have two kids and it cost money to restock their closets each season since they grow so much each year.  I know love hand-me-downs!  My friend Angie is handing me down lots of girl stuff too, so I already have a bin going for Story!  Love it!  Alison blessed me tons before I went to Haiti in January and Story was looking super cute while I was there.  I also love to bless people with hand-me-downs.

What about you.  You like them? Appreciate them, or feel weird when someone offers them to you?


15 responses to “16 pair of shorts

  1. I love hand me downs for me and my kids. I have a sister-in-law that buys LOTS of really nice clothing, so I get her hand me downs. YES! I was wearing some black Italian pumps the other day and she went nuts over them and asked where I got them. I reminded her that she had given them to me a couple of years ago. Her husband just shook his head.

    I also shop at thrift stores and Goodwill, so second hand clothes don’t bother me. And I’m more than happy to pass on to others.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE hand me downs! They make me smile and make me proud to know people who are willing to share their wealth!!!

  3. I PRAY for hand-me-downs!!!

    Second-hand clothes allow you to let someone else give you a blessing.

    They are a very practical way to be a good steward of the earth and all God has given us.

    The ultimate in recycling.

    Love, love, LOVE hand-me-downs!

  4. jamie, i’ve got 5 kiddos now & soon to be 6… what do you think – I LOVE HAND ME DOWNS!!!!! – just for the record, we can use things in sizes (newborn-2T, 8-10, young womens & adult male as dustin likes his baggy) hehehe


  5. i am the hand me down queen … love love love them and in Williamson county I have quite a few families that have blessed everyone in my family, sometimes they even come w/ tags on them …. I think hand me downs make us good stewards of what God has given …

  6. If it were not for hand me downs and half price day at the Goodwill (1st Sat. of the month) Alex would be naked lol. I love to find a good bargin. Alex is so rough on his clothes, and it does not bother you when you have paid 1.25 for a pair of jeans. I like the Goodwill in Lebanon better than the one in Smyrna. Little bit of a drive but it is organized better, and I like that.

  7. Love them!

    I also love to share their “too small” clothing with friends. There is just something sweet about seeing your child’s outfits running around on one smaller. It just makes you sit back and remember how small they were once.

    I also love a good thrift store or resale shop.

  8. I love hand me downs, too! And I love consignment shops and miss them here in Chile! I have a question for you about sending clothes to Haiti. I have all of Owen’s clothes from his first year of life stored away, and obviously our babies will be too big to wear them by the time they come home. So if I had a chance to send them to Haiti somehow, would I only send summery stuff – short sleeved, sleeveless, etc? I’m wondering, just in case!

  9. Heather Sepulveda

    I also was grossed out at the thought of hand-me-downs before having my girls. Now, I LOVE them! Why not?! If you haven’t already figured it out, girl clothes can be WAY more expensive than boy clothes. So dumb.
    I have a TON of little girl stuff that both of my girls can’t wear anymore if you ever want any of it?

  10. Stephanie – I would say only summer stuff. I usually just take stuff down for amos and story and leave it. also extra stuff for kids in the RC or whoever Licia wants to give it to. I’m sure they could use the clothes at Barb’s village.

    Heather – UM … yes … I take any hand-me-downs!!!

  11. finding::God::in the everyday

    Oh…I love them! One thing I miss most about being in the states is the kids stores where you can trade out clothes for credit, etc…so much better than the hassle of garage sales. And oh, for the love of Thrift stores…just awesome. I do consider it a blessing for sure when someone walks up & says, “hey, I’ve got a box of clothes, would you like them?”

  12. Hi Jamie!!!
    I met you when I was out in Tennessee for Laura’s wedding! I’m from Phoenix and I’ve been reading your blog forever! Laura gave me the address and I feel like I always know whats going on in your lives! I have just never left a post, so I finally thought that maybe I should! Looks like your kids are growing up, they are adorable! Hopefully I can see you all someday, but until then, good luck with the adoption and keep up the good work on being the best mom ever!!!!

  13. Oh YES! I love hand me downs. . in fact, I’m a bit opionated about them! I think they are a MUSt for good stewardship! Once my kid grows out of them (unless I have one coming right up behind within the next year) the clothes are OUT of my house! My daughter especially benefits as there are 3 girls just above her. I swear Gracie has the closet of 3 children! (there aren’t other girls in need or I’d have spread the wealth!). It’s also so fun to dress my kids in something I remember a friend or family member wearing and I LOVe seeing the new baby girls at church dressed in the clothes I used to LOVE to see Gracie in! What a joy!


  14. I used to think I’d never put my children in hand-me-downs until I, too, became a mom. I have three Haitian beauties and they’ve each grown more than 2 inches in 5 months home; that’s a size or two each. We can’t keep up! If I didn’t have some great hand-me-downs, we couldn’t do it. Or at least, I’d be doing laundy EVERY day and not every few. Good hand me downs are a blessing!

  15. i LOVE them! my friend Shannon has 3 boys and has supplied Jake with his entire wardrobe since he was one. it is awesome!

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