new pics of kids.

How much do I love opening my email to get a new picture of Amos and Story from Lori or Licia. It makes my week!  Thanks girls!

Here’s what Lori said to me in an email this week …..

No worries.  You’ll see your babies!  🙂  I told Amos that his mama was coming to visit soon.  Not understanding time, he ran to the door.  We keep telling him that his papa and mama are coming to see him and he smiles.  When someone asks where his mama is, he still says “li ale nan machin” (“she went in the car”).  This little guy is smart!  He’s so helpful too – puts his dirty dishes in the kitchen, helps me put away the clean clothes.  He LOVES music and always points for us to turn on the radio.  He likes to dance – it’s not exactly a cool dance – but he like to move.  Story is sitting up by herself.  Such a big girl.  I SO hate that my video camera is broken.  Rarely cries.  Never closes her mouth & always drooling. (as you could tell by those last photos)  we’ll have to work on that.  Amos freely gives Story kisses without us telling him to do it.  Carmelo has been staying with me for the past week and they had lots of time together.

Does that melt your heart or what???  I am so excited to see these kids.  Even more excited after this email telling me that Amos remembers me!!!

Here’s who I’m dreaming about tonight:

I like to think he’s waving to me!

Oh those lips will be getting LOTS of kisses from her mama and papa soon!  2 weeks until we see our kids!


11 responses to “new pics of kids.

  1. I can’t believe she’s sitting up already!! I think these are my favorite pictures so far! Miss you!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I am so jealous. 🙂 Lori and Barbara have assured me that there are many pictures of our boys just waiting to come to us, but they continue to have problems with uploading and sending them from Haiti for some reason. I can’t wait!

  3. seriously! these babies are so pretty!!! I love how you have such specific urges….like kissing all over Story 🙂 it makes me get the mental picture of that day and it makes me smile! 🙂

  4. Praying you have a wonderful trip. Your kids are simply adorable!

  5. I love that huge smile on Amos’ face and he has a twinkle in his eye too. I’m praying that God will speed these two to you ASAP!!!!!!!

  6. jamie, i bet all of this is teaching you a lesson in patience, that you probably never even imagined. lately, i tell rylor whenever he so desperately needs a snack every five minutes, i say you need to be patient…mama is coming. He replies so perfectly “it is hard to be patient.” i am always in agreement, it is hard to be patient, and i can’t even imagine your anticipation…it has to be so great.

    and oh my gosh, those lips are perfect. she’s just waiting for some yummy kisses. they are both so beautiful. aren’t we so crazy blessed, these children of ours are all so dang cute.

    i pray you can sleep, i hope your dreams are sweet.

  7. crazy, i just read the blog under this one. so yeah, i think you already are aware of the whole patience thing. it is so very hard. and i’m able to know what to pray for you tonight. i’m about to go to bed and you guys will be in my prayers for patience and just peace until the day you get to see, hug, and oh yes kiss your babies. peace.

  8. Wow! What gorgeous kids! It look us 3 months to enter IBESR after we turned in our dossier, as we had some paperwork problems and one of our birth moms required DNA testing. Sounds like you’ve had some similar setbacks! I pray you’ll receive your very own IBESR number this month.

  9. such wonderfully beautiful kiddos! i know they will love seeing you and aaron just as much as you will love seeing them! t-minus 11 days!!!!!

  10. I am so stinkin’ excited that you all get to see your babies soon! Can’t wait for pictures!

  11. They are beautiful!! Glad you commented on my page, love new “blog friends”. 🙂

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