“normal” roles

We do not have the “normal” husband and wife chore list that most people do have.  I guess since Aaron’s work schedule allows him to spend a lot of time at home with us when he’s not on the road, some of the “normal” stuff that wives do falls under his category.

#1 is that he cooks all the meals when he is home.  Every once in a while I’ll cook.  The problem is I only have a few meals that I know how to cook and feel comfortable cooking.  I fear cooking any type of chicken.  I just know I’m going to not cook it enough and someone will get salmonella.  Anyone else fear this?  I make a great chicken casserole that my mom and grandma have always made.  Don’t worry when I cook the chicken I have my handy meat thermometer out the whole time and make sure the chicken is cooked well above the suggested temp!  My other meal is any kinds of pasta with pasta sauce.  Wow that’s a hard one!  Next is turkey sausage.  This is delicious and my kids love it, but there is nothing hard about warming up some sausage!  I am proud that I even do this one on the grill!  Next is a green bean casserole. Once again the recipe is on the can of green beans, not a hard one!  So, needless to say Aaron does the cooking and does it quite well I might add.

#2 is that Aaron does all the grocery shopping.  He does this for a few reasons.  First is that since he cooks it helps that he shops.  Second I will spend double the money that he would at a grocery store.  He keeps a great grocery budget and sticks to it!  I like to buy everything that is buy one get one free and we end up with LOTS of stuff we don’t need and never eat.  J

At night we do rock-paper-scissors for who does kitchen duty and who does bath duty.  It always depends on what was for dinner as to what you are hoping to win!!!

The rest of the “normal” wife stuff I do, but there is one thing that would “normally” fall under the husband category that I do and love to do.  You see, I LOVE to mow the grass.  I love it.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I love it because I feel like for a few minutes, and literally a few minutes b/c our yard is not very big, I am alone and can think.  I also feel as though I’m getting in a small amount of exercise and I especially feel as though if I throw a tank top on I’m getting a bit of a sun for the day.  J

So, what are your chores that you do that aren’t “normal”?  How do you split up housework with your spouse?


15 responses to ““normal” roles

  1. nancymattingly

    Jamie!!! I LOVE to mow, too!!! It was always one of my favorite “quiet times” when the boys were little! fun times…….

  2. Brandon and I do lots of rock paper scissors too!! I love to mow grass myself! Brandon does lots of vacuuming and helps with anything I ask him too! Not much on taking initiative to help but at least he’s pretty responsive when I ask!! I have had to learn that men are NOT multi-taskers though. Where I could finish a task in 15 minutes it could really take him an hour or more!!

  3. I am a “mower” as well! When we lived in Donelson I loved to mow the grass, especially when Eric was at work so that I could proudly show him what I had accomplished when he got home!! Another task that I discovered to be great thinking time was once when our dishwasher stopped working and I had to hand wash dishes. It was very relaxing with the warm bubbly water and the running water for rinsing. But that happened back when we only had three or four kids. Can’t really imagine going without a dishwasher now!!

  4. I am so with you on the chicken thing.

  5. james, i’ve never mowed in my entire life. let’s just say i made my dad a little too nervous. aric totally does all the mowing, but i do want to learn and at least try it. aric is a big vaccuumer, i for sure do all the toilets and all the bathroom duty. and i’ve been feeling like lately i do all the poopy diapers, i’m gonna have to talk to aric about all my poop jobs.

  6. What time can you be at my house, our grass is a mess and our lawn mower wont start. That is definatly Terrys job at our house. I do not like to cut the grass, it makes you sweat yuck lol. But, I do all of the cooking. I love to cook. The other stuff we usually all jump in and get it done. I had an older friend of mine tell me when I got married to never do anything you don’t plan on it becoming your job. So I never touch the trash or mop the floors, and this is working out well for me 13 years and counting lol.

  7. I a mower too!!!! I have done it ever since we bought our house….love being out in the sunshine….other than that we have the “normal roles”….


  8. This is hilarious. Well, we’ve hardly ever had a lawn to mow but for the 5 months we did, Ben did it. Ben does however, help with dish washing- we do not have a dishwasher- we ARE the dishwasher. He also helps with because he’s beginning to enjoy it like his dad. Yea! I however, LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook. So, I try to most of the time. I’ve been on a baking spree lately and Ben is trying hard to get out of dishes since I’m covering our kitchen with them. He does occasionally help with sweeping/vacuuming but I do most of the house cleaning. I try to share dirty diapers with Ben, (glenna) but he really tries to scheme his way out of that one. Lately Ben has completely shocked me and he’s been making the bed in the mornings on his own free will! Incredible!

  9. My husband and boys mow. I would and have, but I think I make my husband nervous.
    On the other chores – it is just who does them first. I love to cook, but I HATE cleaning up, so I try to do it as I go along. Our kids are older and they are very good at doing the mad dash of cleaning in a hurry when company is coming. If I had the extra money I would have a house cleaner. I have done it in the past and it was wonderful.

  10. My husband (of 2 weeks) usually does the cooking. (He would even do it when he came over on date night) One reason being I don’t have the patience to do it. It just takes too long to cook & I want it all to be done in 5 minutes.

    And just like you, I do the yard work. I love it. Love being outside. Unlike you I have a big yard so it takes about 2 hours to do it. But I still love it the same.

    My husband does help with clothes, making up the bed & taking out trash. But as far as dusting, mopping, sweeping, dishes, putting away clutter- that’s me. Could be cause I’m a clean freak.

    Love the blog!

  11. Matt does all the ironing and he usually vaccumes. I tend to run over the cord, but since we got the cool vaccume with the light that tells you if the floor is clean or dirty i don’t mind so much. Ironing is just really awkward for me and Matt has to iron shirts for work almost everyday so it just kinda fell to him.

  12. i LOVE that we don’t have the “normal” roles!! and i also love your chicken casserole. and you look hot when you mow.

  13. i love girls that mow!!!!

  14. That picture of you mowing is so cute. I’m also encouraged that all these other ladies mow as well. My husband usually mows, but when he’s out of town for his job then I mow and do the yard work.

    I usually do the housework, laundry, and cooking and my husband does the yard, trimming trees, any repair work around the house, painting and maintains the cars. He’s a total handyman and super hard worker. The cool thing is he’s always willing to help with my stuff and I’m always willing to help with his stuff. That’s the way it should be right?

  15. oh, this is a good one! joe also does the grocery shopping. i have never done it and dislike it even more now that i have to cart the girls with me. we will run in for essentials if we have to…but i really try not to 🙂

    another thing joe does is clean the bathrooms. i will clean the house 10 times over before i will pick up a scrub brush to clean the bathroom. i hate cleaning bathrooms!!

    oh, and i take care of the finances. it make more sense since i am the one who is spending the money day in and day out.

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