Loudnie is HOME!

This little girl is so wonderful and she is now with her family tonight. I’m so excited for her and her new parents. She has had a life harder than most of us will ever experience. She was such a joy to be around when I was at the Rescue Center in January.

Go over to Lori’s blog to see her picture and her story.


2 responses to “Loudnie is HOME!

  1. Wow only 11 months and she’s home??

    I have a question for you

    I was looking into adopting from Haiti. How did you and your husband get around the age limit? It says you have to be at least 34 to adopt from there. Mind sending me an email about it??


  2. I just love your first sentence…especially the part where you share she is now with her FAMILY!!!!! I just love it when family comes together!!!!!! Such a blessing!!!!
    Thanks as always for sharing…..can’t wait to see your family altogether, too!!!!!! What a happy day that will be,

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