Story & Amos pictures

I was blessed with new pictures of Story and Amos tonight.  I fall more in love with them each time I see their sweet faces!

Look at these two that are not blood related but will soon be brother and sister with a VERY special bond that no one can break!  They have had each other while they wait to join the rest of the Ivey clan here in the USA.

Here eyes are captivating!  I can’t wait to see them again!


11 responses to “Story & Amos pictures

  1. Are your arms aching for them, or WHAT?

    Holy hooch, they are yummy.

    I’m thinking that once they’re home and settled, the kids and I need to plan a field trip to TN. Seems that all my favorite people I’ve met in the blogosphere live out there along with lots of old friends. It’ll be like a “People Christine Loves to Read and Hang With” Conference!

    Ya’ know … cause it’s all about me! 😉

  2. And they put sweet Story in PINK! 🙂

  3. His smile is amazing and her eyes beg to be fallen into. They are both so adorable.

  4. Your children are so beautiful! And those eyes ARE captivating. I hope and pray they’ll be home to you soon. Blessings!

  5. i LOVE her eyes!! They are gorgeous kids.

  6. I think they need to be chewed upon.

  7. nancymattingly

    I love them! Praying them home!!!

  8. they get cuter every time i see their pictures!! Oh my goodness–they are the most beautiful little kids. Thanks for sharing pictures–it reminds me to keep praying them home! love you guys 🙂

  9. They are adorable Jamie! I want to blow bubbles on Story’s cheeks!!

  10. That was the first thing that caught my attention….Story’s BEAUTIFUL eyes!!! Oh they are just precious and SO SO SO yummy!!!! Thanks for sharing pics of your beautiful children.

  11. Are those the children you are adopting? How exciting! They are adorable. I just want to squeeze those cheeks! heh

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