Supplies for Haiti

Next weekend our family will be driving up to IN to deliver supplies to Licia and her dad for the rescue center and clinic in Haiti.  They will be taking a semi truck down to Haiti (via a boat of course!) and we have some stuff here that we want to get on that truck/boat to get to Haiti.  They would love to have enough stuff to take down a load in the Spring, but if not they will for sure have a truck going down in the Fall.

If you want to contribute any items to them you can get them to us before Thursday the 10th and we can get it to them in IN this upcoming weekend.  Maybe you can’t contribute any items but you would like to give money.  You can do that too.  They have a way where people can sponsor a pallet.  Each pallet is $250.  If you feel led you can sponsor a pallet and we’ll take your check to them.  Make your check out to Real Hope for Haiti.  If you can’t do the $250 but can do $25, or $50, or $100 it will help out too!

Here are some things they need:

Sugar free drink mixes
canned meat
hand mixer
plastic cups & bowls

Ink HP 21, 22, 54

scotch tape
small flashlights to look at people’s throats
otoscope – looks in ears

any lab equiptment
cover slips
blood tubes
plain glass/plastic tubes
urine/stool containers
Sahli pipette
glass marker/wax marker
egg timer (for the lab) to time tests
filter paper (coffee filters)
clip-on light
blood tube mixer
flat mixer
Point-of-Care for HMG (expensive)
Point-of-Care for BUN, creatine  (expensive)

Rescue Center

peanut butter

diaper pins

sippy cups

any baby equipment – swing, bouncy seat, bumbo seat, etc.


baby clothes (summer only)

I remember when I was there Lori mentioned that they give people bars of soap to wash with.  Sounds simple to us, but not everyone in Haiti can get a bar of soap to wash with.  It is usually just a rinse in the river alongside the cows and pigs.  So, if you want to donate bars of soap I’m sure they could hand those out too.

So, there you go.  If you have any of these items and can get them to us that would ROCK!  Licia, Lori & Zach will be very thankful!

I also received a few new pictures of my boy, Amos today from Lori. She said that he is doing well staying at her house while Licia, Trey & Henley are in the states.  I’m sure he misses his buddies, but he still has Charles (Lori’s husband!).  She said that Charly took him on a walk tonight, so I know he had fun!  She told me that Story had some vaccinations the other day.  I had no idea that she would get any while she was in Haiti, so this is good.  Lori said she’d take the camera home and get pics of her tonight for me.  I can’t wait!

I think our papers might be moving now …. when I hear where they are and what is going on I’ll give you an update.

Here is my sweet boy … check out his shirt!

Amos and his \"mummy\" shirt

That is right …. Mummy Mommy does know best!  He is already learning!  He’ll fit in great around here!!

Love this smile!  27 more days until I’m in Haiti with this boy and kissing all over his sweet face!


7 responses to “Supplies for Haiti

  1. We may have an otoscope and some of the lab stuff at work that we aren’t using anymore. I’ll check and let you know. If any of the tubes, etc. have expiration dates on them, can you find out if they care? By regulations, we can’t use anything that is expired, but typically it is still perfectly good. And the clinic may not care. Just let me know.

  2. That is awesome you are driving to IN! Have I ever told you what a great blogger you are? It’s a true gift to keep people informed. I’ve learned so much from your blogs and always love checking in on what you are doing, or helping people with etc. I can’t wait to meet your kids! I can’t wait!

  3. When they come to your house I want to drive all the way from Canada and squish them and kiss them and love them.

    I wish I could send you some supplies…

  4. Now that’s what I call a kid.

  5. I will try to get some things together for you !! I will let you know!!


  6. i wish you would have mentioned this to me last week … would love to donate some $$ for truck … email me your address and I will send a check …

  7. Hey Jamie,

    It’s Monday, April 7th:)
    I just sent you an email regarding the Rescue Center COULD YOU GIVE IT A PEEK AND GET BACK TO ME?


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