I went to a fabulous bible study tonight led my a friend of mine, Tina Hutchison.  She is an amazing woman and a great teacher.  She has a love for our God that is radiating from her words and her actions.  She serves weekly in a prison for women here in TN.  She is truly the hands and feet of Jesus weekly to these ladies.

I got to talk with her afterwards and our conversation turned into a conversation about Bart Whittaker.  This is a man that is on death row in TX, which I read tonight that TX has killed more people in four years than all other states combined.  Now that’s a record to be proud of!   Anyhow Tina has begun writing him and they are now friends.  I love this b/c Tina is amazing and such an encouragement and am so happy that Bart is able to benefit from her words.  From what Tina said tonight she is also benefiting from his words too.

I encourage you to go and read Bart’s journal.  It is raw and real.  You may not like what you read, but we must remember that all the people in the prison systems are still humans.  They were still created in the image of God.  They still deserve to be loved and heard.

7 responses to “Tina.

  1. It was great to see you tonight, (sorry I emotionally puked on you). I am having a hard time right now, and at that moment I felt God was talking to me and it was on of those times when I did not like what I was hearing about myself. But I do not think it was an accident that you were there. Thanks for listening. I love reading your blog and looking at ALL your sweet kiddos.

  2. i read some of bart’s journal and it wasn’t shocking to me…what was shocking to me is that out of the 4 people he called hero’s in his life 3 of them were women…that is truly humbling…..having worked in youth ministry i have seen how people murder each other in more than body but they kill each other’s soul…which is worse i do not know…..jesus said love one another…if we could that would solve the world’s problems


  3. I had no idea that death row inmates could have blogs and web sites. Does he do it from prison or does someone just post his text online for him?

  4. I just read the entire journal.. and realized that I have an uncle at the same prison as he. In the ten years or more years that he’s been there I haven’t written him more than 3 or 4 times. Thank you for sharing this link, I am writing a letter tonight to him.

  5. Mandi – wonderful to see you too! Was thinking of you this morning and praying for you and your situation. My heart hurts and aches for the pain you are in. I’m praying God’s guidance and overflowing love towards you in these next few weeks. 🙂

    Keri – thanks for reading and not judging him. 🙂

    Amanda #1 – from what I understand he sends his “posts” to his cousin (I think) and he posts it for him. Very interesting though, b/c on one of his entries he listed other inmates and they had sites too. Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to know who is the “real deal” and who is not. From what I know of him and his family I trust his words and his relationship with Christ. 🙂

    Amanda #2 – So glad that this journal led you to write the letter to your uncle. Maybe that is exactly why God had me post it. To encourage you.

  6. Tonight, when I talked with my girls at TPFW, they all grabbed two gete well cards for Thomas (Bart) and created them. I even told them his first name only. And since it is not the name he is famous for… no drama.

    Thank YOU for coming to the study. That means so very much to me personally. May God be glorified. The girls (TPFW) were all praying for us on monday night. They can pray let me tell you. I will be posting about my daughter, Samantha, today.

    I love you… I told Samantha about you… she is blown away that people care!

  7. hey jamie,

    just wanted to tell you that Rylor and I were looking at pictures of your family. And Rylor saw pictures of Amos and he asked “if he was going to be his friend, like Cayden” and I said oh yeah he’s going to love you and you will definitely be friends. then he asked if he was coming to Kemah with us today. I said no, not today but hopefully soon. We can’t wait till we all meet up soon and see each other’s new babies and let them play. God is so good. We love you all and miss you guys.


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