Okay moms I need your professional opinion on the subject of baby slings.  Which ones have you bought that you loved?  Which ones did you hate?  I want something easy and styling too.

This weekend at church a lady had four kids under 5 and she was wearing one on her back in an ergo baby carrier.   She said it is a must buy for me and that she loves it.

I have also seen this one that I love because of the fabric.

I want something for when I’m in Haiti and when I’m home too.

Okay bring on the ideas ……


16 responses to “slings.

  1. Not a professional but the sling I bought (ring sling) is ok. It kind of has to be adjusted a couple of times while you’re wearing it. It might be because Colton is 25lbs! I want something that doesn’t have to be adjusted at all while wearing. I have heard great things about the Ergo and the Baby Hawk (mei tei)!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Go to and type hotslings into the search to find the sling I got for my best friend. She LOVES it and uses it almost daily. It comes in several different colors and prints and is very easy to use.

    Hope this helps!


  3. it’s so funny that you wrote this today b/c last night I was unpacking a box and found your old sling that you let me use when Ava was little. I had no idea that I still had it & I feel terrible that I’ve had it this long! I was going to send it to you tomorrow. Now I will definitely get it to you ASAP so that you can take it to Haiti in May. So sorry about that!!

  4. Ok, I am no momma yet. But I have seen these on a blog that I love and have seen her with several different styles. Laurie is actually a distributor of the Hotslings as well. I have heard really good things about the Hotslings brand. Here is the link:
    Hope this helps.

  5. By the way, Laurie and her husband have to boys they adopted from Vietnam (both under the ages of 3-4 years) and she literally just had (biologically) their third, a little girl, yesterday. So, I am betting that if these work for her, you would love them!

  6. have you heard of hotslings? they have all kinds of cute fabric and sizing. check out i’ve never used one, but i want to try one with our next baby.

  7. Wow… finally something I can answer. I don’t know much about adoption… or haiti (until you guys)… but babywearing, I can handle. The Ergo is a fantastic choice if your looking for a soft form carrier. Aaron might would like this type better. I always prefer wraps because they are more comfortable and distribute the baby’s weight more evenly. My suggestions are the moby wrap or the storchenweige- google it. If you’re looking for something like a mei tai (which would be somewhat of a cross between the wrap and the soft form, Ergo) I really like babyhawk, but you can find a million mei tais online that are made by lots of work-at-home moms. I own a ring sling, but it is not my favorite- maybe I’ve never used it properly, but Ashlee at makes some gorgeous ones! For some basic information about babywearing go to Hope this helps!

  8. Well, I just ordered a Mei Tai b/c I have lots of friends that love it. I also have a friend that has the Ergo and loved it. I had a Maya Wrap with Marlo and hated it. It was TOO hard to put on and off, but again I have a friend that only uses a Maya Wrap. She has 4 kids and has gone through several of them. I can’t wait to get my Mei Tai in…I picked the color and design and that was a lot of fun!

    Let us know what you decide on. =0)

  9. Ok… so I never used a baby sling so I am totally of NO HELP!

    However, I wanted to respond to your comment today… YES… come on… you can enjoy group and take homework home. I know with the boys life is hectic. You will be finished by 7:40 each week.
    Love ya girl

  10. I have a sloomb, the girl that makes them lets you choose from her really cute fabric, but I have 2 friends who swear by the Moby wrap, they say it is the only one that doesn’t hurt your shoulders. Good luck, is there anything better than carrying your new baby all wrapped up in a sling close to you! Hope you guys get there soon!

  11. Oh my goodness, I have tried them all it seems. I have the maya wrap, which I am not wild about, but it is okay for a toddler. It is really a pain to get on and off though and I like something that goes around my waist, I just feel more secure. I also used the Hip Panda while we were in China and I didn’t like it at all. My favorite is the Mei Tai. It is super easy to get in and out of. It has a great fit and you don’t feel like you’re going to dump them out of it if you bend over. It is the easiest that I have found to do by yourself, some of the others that I have tried, I had to have help with and it was next to impossible to get Jadyn in it by myself.

  12. Girl,
    I love slings. My close friend bought me one for my second baby and he lived in it. You need to practice with any sling you get and take it off and on and adjust it to get comfortable. It is really weird at first and you think your baby is way to contorted to be comfortable but after a few tries(like at home or the park) I would wear my son everywhere. Mine is not very stylish, but it was a gift and I couldn’t exchange, she would see me wearing it all the time. Mine is an over the shoulder baby holder and run about $50. You get a small, medium, or large and it has a ring on the shoulder. Padding is great and I felt very comfortable with how it protected my little one from falling out. Now Story will be a little bigger and probably sit more on your hip then lay in the sling and that is a lot of fun too!! They start to touch and talk and …oh well it is just too fun and you are going to love being a mom to a girl. She will change everything.

  13. We have the Ergo and love it. DH used it alot when our little one was an infant. I now wear her on my back quite often. It’s easy to pack and guys will likely use it more often than a sling. I’ve also seen the Beco carrier which is simialr to the Ergo, but has cuter fabrics–just another thing for you to check out.

  14. ok so I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now but haven’t commented! First off let me say that I’ve been praying for your family nonstop! I can’t wait until the day I read that all four of your children are home with you!!

    Anyway, about the baby wearing- we take in foster infants and own almost every kind of wrap/sling/carrier out there! The moby wrap is definitely my (and all the babies) favorite! It is the only one that doesn’t kill my back and is SO comfortable. I love that you can put the baby in it sooo many different ways. The first few times you try to get the wrap on it seems incredibly complicated (and rather amusing for everyone else to watch). But after a couple times it is really rather simple. We also have a sling which hurts your back after awhile and doesn’t work as well as the baby gets bigger. The baby bjiorn is really nice too but isn’t as comfy as the moby (some of the babies aren’t as fond of it either). The moby comes in different colors and also some fun prints.

    Hope that helps!

  15. Ahh – slings. I have several. I started out with the Bjorn. Liked it ok. Then I got a ring sling. I have a mesh ring sling that you can take in the water. It is super nice – you can shower with it on, or take it in the pool and it dries REALLY fast. I don’t like having to adjust it so much. Seems like I can’t get it in one good position. Then I got a pouch sling. (check out hotslings) I LOVE this sling. You measure yourself and get one that fits YOU. Schnider loves it too – I can carry him on my front or hip with that one. Then recently I got another pouch sling that was a little bigger than this one, and it is perfect for putting him on my back – it has a deep pocket so that when he is on my back only his little head is peeking out. I tried the back carry with my other sling and the “pocket” just wasn’t deep enough to keep his arms in and I worried about him flinging himself out of it. So any – just my feelings. I got my wonderful pouch sling from Half-Pint Pouches – they are like the hotslings but cheaper and you can choose your own colors/designs etc. I can give you her email if you are interested. Sorry to write a book. LOL.

    Salem 🙂

  16. i’m a little late on this and you may already have a sling by now but, i have one that i love. they are made right here in saint louis by a mom and sold at a store called kangaroo kids ( it is cotton and washable and comes in several different patterns, mine is black just because it’s basic. but you can sling any size child so it grows with them. the site also shows you different ways to sling. it’s comfortable to wear and my baby seems to love it, she usually falls asleep. hope this helps. also i think it’s around the $40 mark as well. if that’s what you decide on, i am back and forth between here and nashville and i wouldn’t mind delivering it.

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