100 files from IBESR

I just read that IBESR signed out 100 files and some of those included families with biological children.

This made my hearts smile this morning! I don’t know the timeline that the 100 was in, but it still is good news.

**Updated here. Not so good news.  Welcome to Haiti!!


7 responses to “100 files from IBESR

  1. Jamie, I just came on to your blog to try to find your email to tell you this info. I know we are both waiting for this, so I am feeling more hopeful. Yay for today!

  2. I read the same thing and it gave me a lot of hope!

  3. praying for ya’ll…that’s great news!

  4. I’m so glad that things are moving! Yeah!

  5. I am so thrilled about this. Praying that our files are in that group. But even if they aren’t, it’s so encouraging to see files moving!!

  6. That is great news! I know that was concern for you guys, and slowed things down a bit, but what great news for the spring!!! A great way to bring sunshine into your lives. Good Luck and I am praying your files where amongst the 100!

  7. finally movement! Emma

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