weekend in pics.

Out of no where yesterday Deacon hollered at me and said “look mom, I’m two”. he has been having a hard time getting his thumb to hold his other two fingers down and so when he did it he was super proud! My baby is getting way too big!


I will be a happy mommy if one of my boys plays baseball. I love to watch baseball and think it is super fun! I asked Cayden if he wanted to play soccer or baseball in the fall and he said baseball! I was jumping for joy on the inside! Of course I would never push my kids into sports, but if you want to know a secret of mine it is that deep down i hope that one of my kids plays college sports. i will be that mom with the flag hanging out of my car window, the team sweatshirt with their number on the back, the earrings with the sport of choice hanging down, and the season tickets to their games. Aaron thinks i’m weird! I just say it’s a supportive mom!


Yesterday afternoon Shawnah called and told me to bring the boys to her b/c they had free tickets to the Doodlebops! What? I was so excited for the boys and had no idea what i would do with myself with no kids and no plans made. i went to Delia’s and got a new shirt, Target and got a new dress, sushi with Maris and then dessert with Maris. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful night with no kids and lots of great adult conversation!! Thanks Shingleton’s – you guys truly blessed me and my kids last night! They love you guys and I know you guys love them too!



Today we went to the mall for a baby expo. There were some cool exhibits but the best was the face painting for the kids. Cayden was so excited and changed his mind about 30 times as we waited in line. First he wanted a kitty cat and I tried to discourage that. Not sure why, but a kitty seems kinda girly. Then he wanted a spider. Then clifford. Then a puppy. Then after seeing the little boy in front of us transform into spiderman right before his eyes he went with that. How could he resist!


He loved it! He proceeded to demand that I only refer to him as “spiderman”. Not Cayden, and especially not Diego that he demanded I call him yesterday! At lunch he also informed me that Spiderman doesn’t like peas and carrots and therefore he couldn’t eat his! Sneaky isn’t he!

Deacon didn’t get a painting because he fell asleep in line and was not in the mood to be woke up!

Great weekend so far! Anything exciting in your weekend?


6 responses to “weekend in pics.

  1. What fun! My girls would have utterly freaked out about the Doodlebops…how fun for your boys!

    The weather here has been gorgeous so we played outside in the sandbox a lot. The neighborhood kids then congregated in our backyard while I made dinner for friends who were coming over.

    This morning I ran a 13.5 miles around our neighborhood. I’ve never run that far. Actually, the farthest I’d run was about 7.5 miles, so I was really excited. During the last couple miles, I remember thinking, if Jamee can do it, I can do it (I don’t know many other moms who run…) Of course, your times beat mine… Thanks for the inspiration, though.

    And just think, the weekends only half over!

  2. Kat – way to go by running 13.5 miles – you just did a half marathon today!!! Good for you!!!

    I haven’t run in forever nad feel so lazy about it! HOpefully I’ll get back to it soon enough!!!

  3. We’ve had a jam packed weekend including a magic show, easter egg hunt/juggler show, & a Rodeo. It’s way past my bedtime, and we have church in the morning :0) Hope to post pics of our weekend happenings on my own blog tomorrow.

  4. Your boys are so cute. Don’t you just hate how fast they grow up? Briana will graduate next year. I just can not belive how fast it has gone.

  5. Jamie, Tell Cayden that Mrs. Shelly LOVES this pic of him as spiderman!! We have had a busy weekend. My big brother got married yesterday!!! It was beautiful and lots of fun. There are pics on my blog if you want to see.

  6. We had a blast with your boys! It’s sort of embarassing to take teenagers to see the Doodlebops, so taking Cayden and Deacon validated Kent and I being there! Then on Sat. night we went and watched Maci in her school play! She was hilarious! She had the best part! FUNNY! We decided she could be a Doodlebop or start her own children’s show! Sun. we had small group at our house! Great conversation about hypocrisy in the church! GREAT WEEKEND!
    I’m glad your night out was so wonderful! You deserve it!

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