Haiti shirts

In May, Aaron and I are heading to Haiti.  We’re actually taking a group of friends there for a week to do mission work. We’ll do our best to serve the Livesay family in whatever way we can. We’re also hoping to see Amos & Story while we’re there. Needless to say, I’m really excited about Aaron’s first trip to Haiti and for us to see the kids.

I’m also really excited about spending this week with some amazing people. There are 12 of us going, friends from all over the country. Our group is doing a fundraiser to help off-set some of the cost of the trip. We’re selling these Haiti shirts that Aaron designed. If you’d like to help us with our trip, you can purchase one of these rad shirts:


These are printed on Anvil 980. They fit alot like American Aparell and are super soft. Size are Youth Medium (10-12), Youth Large (the youth shirts will probably be printed on Jerzee 50/50) Adult Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. (they do run a little small, just FYI).  If you want something larger that is fine just let us know and it will be $2 more per shirt.

shirts are $20 which includes shipping.

leave me a comment with your shirt order…and THANKS.


7 responses to “Haiti shirts

  1. I am a friend of Tracey Fields, and I also know your brother-in-law, Tim. I would love one of your Haiti shirts, an XL, please. Contact me at alduck10@sbcglobal.net

    Amy 🙂

  2. Hey Jamie,

    I will want a shirt for Jimmie and I in small and medium. But also my parents would like to buy 2. One in 2x and my dad wants to know if there is 4x if not 3. Let me know if that is even possible. For thier order e-mail, terryex@carolina.rr.com
    You are the best!! I am so excited about your trip-see you when we get home!

  3. Very cool shirt! I just came across your blog from Amber’s! I can’t wait to read more of your adoption journey. . .I also clicked from here to the Livesay’s and had a blast reading their commentary / journaling of life in Haiti. Thanks for providing that link!

    I’m adding both of you to my list of blogs to check every day (like I need more on that list!)


  4. I haven’t posted in awhile… been a little busy getting settled here. I was looking at your blog today when my 9 year old son, Dylan came in the room. Right in the middle of a long dissertation about the lego car he made, he looks at my computer and says, ” that’s a really cool shirt, mom, can I have one?” Then finishes his story without missing a beat.

    So I need to order one!!! Can you deliver it when you come in May??

  5. Hi Jamie,

    We are also adopting a little girl from Haiti and will be finalizing everything very soon, we hope! Would love to order two shirts for my boys to wear to honor their sister’s homeland. I’ll need a youth mediumand an adult small. Thanks!

  6. Jamie, We are also going in May!! When will you be there? I feel like we are living parallel lives . . .

    We are staying with really good friends of the Livesays. Are you taking your kids? Maybe our paths will cross.

  7. Hi Jamie. I have been following yoru blog for several weeks and think your kids are adorable 🙂 I volunteer with Haitian refugees in the DR every summer, and when I am there for 2 months in may-june, I am hoping to make it into Haiti to finally meet lori and licia and see all that they do, and try to bring donations. Anyways- I am in the process of starting up a Fair Trade business, focussing mostly on Haitian/Dominican items, but I do eventually hope to expand (am exploring some options in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe currently) I am wanting to design a tshirt, like you have done, to put on my business’ website (once I get it going) that people can buy to support the groups I will work with in Haiti and the DR. All of that to say, how did you go about making these shirts? Would love any info you can provide! I am thinking I will go through No Sweat Apparel because they are made on fairtrade shirts, rather than just sweatshop free, but I am a bit clueless when it comes to all of this and would love your input as you have already done it!

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