weekend update

Our getaway weekend was fabulous.

Our hotel was great and we got upgraded to a two bedroom suite.  Fancy!  Two Urban Licks was superb!   If you ever go you must get the salmon chips.  I think next time I’ll order three orders of that and call it a night!

Brunch on Sunday was at The FLying Biscuit and it rocked!  I had the Southern Scramble and it was the best scrambled eggs I have ever had. Very Yummy!

Yesterday we spent two hours in Ikea and pretty much have our whole house planned out!  Fun times in there!  BedroomKids RoomSofa.  And of course I could go on and on with all the fun stuff we found.

I love getting away with Aaron and I hope that if you are married you make this a top priority in your marriage.  Even if it’s just a night like we did, it is imperative to our relationship that we have our own couple time often.

Back to real life today.


5 responses to “weekend update

  1. Wow. A pink sofa? Your husband is very secure in his masculinity.

    Big Boy was in my class yesterday at church. I love that child! So precious.

  2. i have that couch picked out too! actually, just the love seat and chaise… and i’m keeping an eye for them on craigslist. i’m so cheap. 🙂

    love the black and white slipcovers though!

    so glad you had a wonderful weekend with your man.

  3. Well not actually in the pink fabric, but that style!!!! Aaron would not go for that one!


  4. I am so glad you guys had such a great time. It is vital for us to get away it keeps the love alive. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE the SALMON CHIPS!!!!!!!!!! I get them every time we go.I am actually trying to think of something to celebrate to be able to go soon.
    So good to hear about your fabulous weekend.

  5. Glad you guys had a great night!

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