hotel love

I am a lover of hotels.  One of my favorite things about going on the road with Aaron is staying in a hotel.  A good hotel is one of my favorite things about vacations.  Last night we stayed in a regular old hotel but tonight we’re staying somewhere nice.  🙂

So far this trip has not let me down.  We’re in a hotel that has treated me right so far.  In fact it is 9:30 am and I’m still in bed.  🙂  In fact I would still be asleep but the housekeeping lady knocked once and came on in to find sleeping beauty still in bed!  I was kinda mad then I realized I need to get up!

If a hotel has good pillows I’m excited.  A good hotel can be ruined by bad pillows.  The last thing I need while I’m away is to have a bad night’s sleep because of bad pillows.  Last night did not let me down.

It is funny because Aaron does not share this love of staying in hotels with me.  I can walk into a nice Hampton and get excited.  He walks in and sees another hotel room for the weekend.  I walk in and see a get away for the night!


5 responses to “hotel love

  1. This is so funny because last night I took a hot bath and when I wrapped up in the towel I was reminded of the smell of clean hotel towels and how much I LOVE taking a shower in a hotel and just staying in a hotel. Weird! I hope you are having a wonderful time!


  2. thisiskristin

    I’m so with you on the hotels! I love staying in them.

    I love how dark they are.

  3. I love staying in a good hotel too. Once I planned a birthday surprise for my husband and booked a very nice room. Then I came down with some kind of bug and spent my time curled in a little ball in that hotel room. But, the pillow was WONDERFUL. I was very impressed. I’m so picky about my pillow that I usually take my own.

    So glad you are having a great time!

  4. Me too! I love hotels and sleeping in!!

  5. jamie i with aaron i think hotels all of them are dirty. but i do spend two or three weeks at a time in hotels so i guess everything good can be bad if used to much.

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