hair cut

I LOVE to get my hair cut.  I don’t do it often enough, but when I find a good place I’m in love!  I have had four hair cuts in the past year and they have all been so different.  You see I’ve never had a “person” that does my hair.  I jump around to different salons and different people all the time.  The reason for this is mainly that I just don’t keep up with my hair like I should.  I don’t get hair cuts often enough and for sure can’t keep up with color or highlights.

Here is how my last four hair cuts have gone down …

#1 Nan.  Loved her.  Very cool and trendy.  Used her a few times but then she moved.  😦

#2 Stopped in at a random place and asked for anyone.  This can sometimes be fabulous but other times not so fabulous.  A man comes out to greet me and he is wearing wranglers and cowboy boots.  He then takes me to the wash and it was the worst wash I’ve ever had.  That was not a good sign b/c that is my favorite part.  Then we proceed to his station and he has pictures of horses all over the walls and tells me that he is also a rancher.  His license was for a barber and not a cosmetologist.  I should have RAN!   The worst hair cut ever.  Awful!

#3 cut by a lady at church in her home salon.  She did great, but I am very much an experience person.  We are that way with out to eat too.  If we are going to go out to eat the experience means as much to us as the food.  🙂  So, she did great, but I really  need a “salon” feel.  I know I’m spoiled.

#4 Today.  Found a coupon in my local clipper magazine and gave it a shot.  The girl was young and cute and had a blond stripe in her hair.  I had high hopes from the beginning.  First step was the wash and it was great.  I got a mini massage and loved every minute of it.  The water was hot and she took her time massaging my head.  Gold stars for her!  Then she spent a great amount of time cutting it.  I could tell she was thinking about it and wanting it to be the best.  Then the blow dry was wonderful and I almost fell asleep.
Many more gold stars for her!  Then the favorite part.  When she was done blow drying she asked if I was in a hurry.  I told her no and she said she wanted to curl it for me.  What?  She is asking to fix my hair some more, okay twist my arm!  I love for anyone to touch, comb, wash or cut my hair.  Love it!  She made me look fabulous and I loved it.  Of course Aaron loved the curled look and I was quick to make sure he understood this would not be an every day thing!

I loved her bangs and so I decided to try them for myself.  I am growing my hair out for locks of Love and hope to be able to do that by the end of summer!

Hopefully I can recreate her look for Saturday night when I go out on the town with my love in Atlanta!


It even looks cute pulled back in a pony tail!  That is my regular look during the week!  I hope these bangs stay cute and don’t drive me nuts!



19 responses to “hair cut

  1. Jamie- I love it- Yes the bangs are very cool! 🙂

  2. {The Simple Village} jenny adams

    Okay this is totally weird and a bit creepy; but i promise Im not a crazy stocker! haha!

    but you look hot!

    … oh by the way; Im Jenny; Im from Houston… Spur did a concert for Gateway back in Nov. & I have been keeping up on ya’lls blogs as best I can…. [again not the creepy stocker! haha] but both you and aaron are inspirational and everytime I get a chance to read in here ya’ll make me think out of my box & to step out of my comfort zone…. so thank you! God Bless you and your beautiful boys! Along with Story & Amos! I am praying for things to go smoothly and quickly with the adoption!

  3. nancymattingly

    amazing look for you!!! I hope for your sake this girl doesn’t move like the first one! I love it! (you have amazing hair!)

  4. You look gorgeous! Total hottie!

  5. Could you be any cuter? You are so pretty!!!

  6. You guys are so sweet! It has been 7 hours since the hair cut and the bangs have officially been pulled back in a bobbie pin! We’ll see how tomorrow goes!

  7. super cute cut!

  8. you think she looks hot in the pics? good lord, you should see her in person…….

  9. i was just about to say that…
    i love the hair for sure. the bangs rock.

    coming from a recently made the switch to sideswept bangs girl…you’ll find that those little clippies become your new best friend because who has time to fix those bangs every single day?

  10. OK…who did it!!! I LOVE it!! LOVE it!! With yours and Maris’ hair influences, our budgets gonna be in trouble Im afraid!! & yes you are beautiful!!

  11. SEriously!! I wanna know. Sometime this week Im gonna walk in, take the picture of you above and ask her to rinse, blowdry, and repeat!!

  12. LOVE IT!!!

  13. So cute. And give the bangs a couple of weeks, and you won’t even feel them anymore. I can’t stand to have hair in my face (I always have it tucked behind my ears), but I don’t even notice my side bangs now. I think they look awesome on you. You’ll get used to it. Give it time. Plus, they’re long enough that you can pull just your bangs back with a couple of pins, and that’s a trendy, cute look too.

  14. shoot, that was me (fshome). sorry.

  15. I love it Jamie! Just consider the bangs icing on the cake! Bring out the bangs when your feeling like a sexy wife, and not a beautiful mother! Have fun in Atlanta!!

  16. i have hair jealousy!!

  17. love the bangs!!! beautiful. I always had trouble pinning mine to stay without a mess of bobbie pins. Until Tara and I met a girl out the other day with super cute pinned bangs. She said she only used one pin, and I couldn’t even see it. She twisted the end of her bangs, “bumped” them up just a little, and stuck the pin straight toward the center/front of her head (perpendicular to forehead). Just a tip…for a tipster:) I love coming here for all your fun ideas and inspiration. Have a fun weekend!

  18. Hey aunt jamie I love your new hair and I just saw a picture of cayden on uncle aarons blog and ilove his hair to I think you should keep at that length! I miss you guys so much and can’t wait to see you again Maybe I’ll get to see you over summer break I HOPE SO!

    love madisyn

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