Pray for Stevenson

I want you to go and visit my blog friend, Tanya, and pray for her son and his paperwork to FLY these next few weeks.  They need this boy home.  His family is yearning for his presence and his adoption has taken way too long.  Please join me in praying that all the necessary steps left will go super fast for them and that they will feel God guiding them and comforting them all along the way.

I can not wait until I see this family all together with their son at home!


2 responses to “Pray for Stevenson

  1. Awww- thank you so much- I know all of the prayers he has received over the last month or so is what has helped get our little boy well- and to help our file keep on moving. YES! We are praying now that the US side is speedy quick…
    And I will pray that March (early March, how about that!!!) is the month for you
    to get into IBESR with your files. It will be so fun to see Amos with his kissable lips – and Story with her beautiful eyes…. at home playing with the rest of the Ivey family!

  2. Oh i am praying I can so relate to this brcause we have been waiting 6 months for the uscis papers and that is the ONLY thing we need, she has been ready to come home for 5 months. We ache to have her here!

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