March goals

Happy March!

Here’s what I’m hoping happens this month:

1. Move into IBESR

2. get a pedicure – Spring is on it’s way!

3. have t-shirts for you to buy to help support our May 2008 Haiti trip with the Livesay family and Children’s Lifeline International – check out the blogs on the right of the people traveling with me

4. have t-shirts for you to buy to help support Medical Advocacy Team, that helps get children here on medical visas to receive critical care that they can’t receive in their home country

5. help Cayden with his fit throwing – I’m over them! Any ideas. He’s four and throws WAY MORE fits than his 2 year old brother. Some days are way worse than others, and we do have our good days, but today HUGE fits before bed time and nap time. UGH!

6. Finish at least one of the books I’m reading and start an adoption/parenting book. Any great ones to reccomend?

7. Create a will (anyone have an ideas or support for this). With both of us traveling to Haiti in May this is on my TOP priority this month.

8. Save up money for a sewing machine. I want my Story to have cute cute dresses! I know I’ve never sewed before but please tell me I can do this! Actually I have sewed before. I was 8th grade homemaking student of the year – that has to count for something!

9. Get my hubby back – next Wed he’s back to voice doctor. Pray that he can talk! I need to hear his voice. He pulled me close last week and said “I love you” in my ear and it made me smile so big. To hear his voice was fantastic!

10. We have a get away next weekend to Atlanta …. there are talks of new tatoo’s! 🙂

11. Organize and clean out our out-of-control garage.

There’s my top 10 (plus one) to do this month. What are yours?

Here are my boys last March. I’m amazed at how much they change each year!




5 responses to “March goals

  1. I have three bits to share–take them or leave them or adjust them!:)
    1. fits–we started taking away toys and books when Eli’s disobeys or has to be told over and over. It upsets him so, especially the books, but it whips him into shape! We don’t use this every time, or I think it would lose its affectiveness–and he wouldn’t have many toys!:)
    2. wills are VERY important. We had a friend do ours. He doesn’t do them anymore, but he has someone he highly recommends. I can get you the name if you like. OR, you can always do a simply will online. Just make sure you check out our state’s specifics. Google will help I’m sure!
    3. sewing is SO something you can do. I can’t really teach you how, but if I can do it, so can you!! And you don’t need an expensive machine.

  2. Thanks Becca!
    We could for sure do the the “take away” approach. We could take away tv time as that is something that he LOVES. Or we could take away his spider man outfit since he seems to wear it all day when we don’t have school!
    Could you email me your friend that does wills. We have someone but he is in TX and I think we should get someone here. Are they expensive?
    Thanks for the encouragement on sewing. I want to do it and will give it a try!

  3. Question about t-shirts … We really want to do this as a fundraiser and even have a friend who is a graphic designer and willing to create the logo, but I don’t know where to go for the actual shirts (think quality & cheap, never the twain shall meet!) Can you give me some suggestions??

    Also, good reading is “I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla: Raising Healthy Black & Biracial Children in a Race-Conscious World” – I haven’t made it past the pre-school section yet, but what I’ve read is very helpful!

  4. Wow look at Cayden’s hair! I am excited for you and Aaron and I will keep you guys in our thoughts as he returns to the voice doctor, we will be thinking great thoughts! Is Deacon feeling better? Was it a stomach virus? We forgot to tell you guys we would love to buy a t-shirt! I am with you on the pedicure I think it’s been a year for me. What worked for my son and Jayden, but not sidney yet is ignoring the fits. I would just let them lie there kick, and scream as I went on by my business. I would say when you are done we can talk. They learned that fits would not get any attention good or bad. I have no idea with the will. The first step I guess is deciding, if you haven’t, who you would want to take the kids. Lani and I have tossed this idea around several times as we want our kids to stay together. So if you don’t know, that would probably be the best way to start. I’ve been told that you write the letter, have it notarized and mail it to yourself and never open it until you can get an official will and that, that letter can sometimes hold up in court! It’s worth looking into.


  5. A friend just told me their new discipline strategy is index cards – they wrote different punishments on cards (no dessert for a week, lose blankie for a day, no TV, etc) and when one of the boys is acting up she just holds out the fan of index cards and he picks one out…whatever the card says is whatever he gets. She said it works really well because 1. they never know what they’re going to get 2. it takes the emotion out (for mom, anyway). Her kids are a bit older than yours but it might be worth a try.

    @ Stephanie-
    You can try A Great Idea at She’s a Christian lady, does good work (screen printing) and good prices. If she can’t help due to location etc. she might know someone in your area.

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