Amos loves Story.

Yesterday Lori sent me a fabulous video of my kids in Haiti.  I cherish each of these videos and have watched this one a dozen times since getting the email from her.  I am amazed at how much Story is doing and how much bigger she is than when I was there a month and a half ago.  I love how happy Amos is.  He seems to be joyful and full of life.

I went back and watched the very first video that they sent us of Amos and he has come so far in these past 6 months.  It is as if he has a whole new look on life.  He stays upstairs with Licia and her family some and it is amazing what a family environment can do for a child.

I can not wait for the day that we post videos of us bringing our sweet boy and sweet girl home!  That will be a glorious day!

For now, enjoy this sweet video of my two beautiful children in Haiti!


14 responses to “Amos loves Story.

  1. Oh Jamie, that is so cute! I remember when Ryan was a baby and we made hours of video tapes of him doing that baby vocalization. So sweet. Amos looks so happy and healthy.

  2. beautiful! it is amazing how even though Amos and Story aren’t your bios, God plants them in your heart as if they were.

  3. I just saw this on Aaron’s blog. I too am amazed…they look so great!

  4. Do you know what language he is speaking there……I have not figured it out yet?

  5. What? Licia you’re supposed to tell us!!!! 🙂

  6. Eli watched the video with me and pointed to the computer screen and said
    “baby” and then he kissed her…. I think he thinks she’s pretty cute 🙂

    Very precious video- thanks for sharing!

  7. is it not french-creole?

  8. Brandon, I think Licia is being silly b/c she is the one in the video and she speaks creole and he just mumbles words she can never understand. Who knows what he is saying!!!


  9. I cannot believe how much Story is “talking” … I love, love, love that both of your kiddos have this time to bond with one another … what an extra “plus” that they are being exposed to English and even more so to a family atmosphere … this is SO precious!

    Remember that conversation about how I was confused about where my kids are? It makes me so sad that they are not near yours and that I will probably not have priceless photos and videos like these!

  10. i love seeing her in some of norah’s clothes!!! they will be just about the right distance apart to share for a long time!!!

  11. They are both just beautiful. We can’t wait to meet them!

  12. I love love love this video!!! I love tht amos cannot keep his lips off of her!! Too precious and i loved when he wipd her mouth!! What a wonderul big brother!! I know how priceless these videos are to you I can not wait til they get home we will have to get togther and let them play with Savannah-Hope!!

  13. thesecretlifeofkat2

    It’s SO cute how Amos keeps giving Story those wonderful big kisses!

  14. Jamie they are beautiful! I am sure you know that! Watching that video made me fall in love with them! How could you not. It is so great that you have that footage for memories and it makes you feel like you are with them! So close!!!!! I am excited for you guys!

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