not talking to me ….

I think I should remind any new readers that the reason Aaron is not talking to me is because he is on vocal rest prescribed by his ENT doctor, and not because he is mad at me.  I guess I wrote about it the other day and how hard it has been him not talking to me for 2 weeks and a very well intended new (I’m assuming new or they would have known) reader advised us to get some counseling!  We are great.  Very happy and healthy family and are just communicating a little differently for a month!


6 responses to “not talking to me ….

  1. That is actually quite funny!

  2. I read the comment on Aaron’s blog. How funny. It was really sweet of someone to share such concern.

  3. that’s funny … if you wern’t a reader though you wound’t know why he wasn’t talking. Just think only 2 more weeks! We are praying that all is healed!

  4. Debra you are right, I think she was genuinely concerned and that is nice. 🙂 I wasn’t mad about the comment, just really amused!

  5. I cracked up by looking back…I reread it as though I didn’t know you guys and could see where she thought that! What a sweet woman to offer her help if you didn’t have resources! Love you both!! (all 6 of you!)

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