Amos kissing Story.

The other day I found some great pictures of my kids on Licia’s blog.  It is a series of pictures of Amos kissing Story.  I can’t tell you how sweet this is to me.  To know that these children are around each other for the year before they come home is such a joy to my heart.  They will have each other when they come home to us.  For their entire lives they will have a very special bond.



4 responses to “Amos kissing Story.

  1. This picture melts my heart! How sweet! I can’t wait to see pictures of Cayden and Deacon kissing them!

  2. So cute! I imagine it’s difficult and wonderful all at the same time to see these pictures…

    I hope you get to bring them home soon.

  3. Jamie, I was so happy to find your site! We have been trying to bring our little girl home from Haiti for the past 3 years. We have been at visa for the past two months. Don’t worry ! We have had unusual complications. The Lord is good and He will bring her home in His time. I am a runner and have run two marathons. We have 3 bio kids, one from the Philippines and waiting for Wendy. I will pray for your process, God bless you and your family!

    Tracie Lease

  4. i am loving following your story to your two in haiti… it’s amazing… and i’m now following the stories from the center where amos and story are living. amazing. really. there are no words.

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