a very cool 4 year old

Cayden has gotten vocal to me lately about his need to be cool.  I am certain that he has inherited this from his daddy!!  The other day we were walking out the door for school and I handed Cayden and grey fleece jacket to put on.  He looked up at me and with the most serious face said, “But mom that jacket is not cool”.  Aaron laughed and mouthed (b/c he’s mute) to me that yes indeed it wasn’t very cool.  The two of them then picked out a cool jacket to wear.

This morning I had the boys clothes laid out and Cayden had to get another pair of shoes b/c he needed “cool” shoes to go with his “cool” pants!  I thought I had picked out the cool ones!

At breakfast he told me his head was hot from having his hat on and I told him that he could take it off and then put it back on when we leave.  He looked at me as if I was stupid and said “But if I take it off I won’t look cool anymore”.

Oh my goodness!!!


2 responses to “a very cool 4 year old

  1. Jamie,
    I just saw this and I am cracking up! Tell Cayden that Mrs. Shelly says that he is “so cool” no matter what he is wearing. He is a sweet pea!

  2. I, personally, would be tempted to knock his daddy upside the head.

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