Valentine’s let down.

I feel as though I let my kids down yesterday.  Last year we made cute little Valentine’s for their classmates and even for their teachers and this year ….. NOTHING!  The good thing is that neither one of them realized that we did nothing.  I just kept putting it off and the very last minute (the morning before school) I realized I had never bought Valentine’s for their classmates.  I sent my mute husband out to look for them and no such luck.  Thankfully the kids came home with lots of cool Valentine’s and candy from their classmates and are oblivious to the fact that they didn’t get their friends any.  SO … if you have kids in Cayden or Deacon’s class we send our most sincere apology for not sending your child a sweet Valentine!
Aaron and I celebrated our Valentine’s on Tuesday night since that was easier to get a babysitter.  Last night we made the biggest plate of nachos I have ever seen.  It had cheese, black olives, tomatoes, black beans, salsa, cilantro and some amazing guacamole.  We were both feeling a bit stuffed after we consumed the entire plate.  We then spent the night watching LOST and trying to “figure it out”.  Ha!  If you watch LOST you know that there is NO figuring it out right now!!!

I hope that you had a wonderful Valentine’s.  I love all my children and my husband more than life itself.  God has blessed me with 5 wonderful Valentine’s!

Here are two Valentine’s that I’m missing lots today:


My two sweet boys at home:




4 responses to “Valentine’s let down.

  1. Cute kids! I have done the same thing on Valentine’s Day in the past. I’m just excited that now the girls are old enough to do them on their own!

  2. Jamie, Don’t feel bad … our Valentine’s consisted of me getting the kids each one sheet of stickers at the grocery store yesterday evening! BTW, aren’t those your beautiful kiddos on Licia’s site tonight?? (:

  3. Stephanie – oh my goodness are they beautiful!!! I hadn’t seen them yet and am so glad you sent me over there b/c they made my night. LOVE them so much!!! I remember those lips and I’m glad Story is getting some of that loving from him!!!!

    If anyone is reading this and wondering … go to Licia’s blog in Haiti and you can see pictures of our kids that we’re adopting from Haiti. CUTE PICS tonight!!!

  4. Jamie, When you’re in Haiti next time maybe you can put in a good word for me with Licia so that MY kiddos show up on her blog occasionally … (: (:

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