one pound of meat?

**UPDATED at the bottom after meal…..

Do you ever wonder why grocery stores don’t package their meat by the pound? I mean what recipe calls for 1.33 pounds of meat? None.

Here’s what I’m cooking up tonight ….

Mexican Casserole

2 lbs ground beef (i’ll use turkey)

1 small onion chopped

1 can mushroom soup

1 can chicken soup

1 small can hot enchilada sauce (i’ll use the mild … so my kids will eat it!)

1 lb cubed velveeta cheese (oh man this will be good!)

1 package corn tortillas

Brown meat and onion. Mix rest except for tortillas and cheese. Make layers of meat and sauces, ending with tortillas and cheese. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

Sounds easy right!

I have two packages of turkey downstairs. One is 1.33 and one is 1.36 pounds. Doesn’t add up to the 2 lbs I need. UGH!

Anyone have an explanation for why they are packaged this way?

**UPDATE: Okay so this might be the easiest casserole I’ve ever made.  It was yummy and the boys loved it, especially Cayden.  I smiled as I was eating it b/c I know that Aaron would never put this meal anywhere close to his lips!  He is NOT a casserole type of guy and especially one made with two cans of soup and piled with velveeta on top!!!

In my recipe book (family recipe collection) I found this recipe about 6 times.  Those Beakley’s must like to make Mexican Casserole!  Some of them added green chiles to the mix and some used grated cheese instead of velveeta which I would probably do next time too.  I would also add chopped tomatoes and black olives to the top towards the end of cooking!

Let me know if you try this one ….

7 responses to “one pound of meat?

  1. i could be pulling a chad and talking out of my butt on this…but i think they add the extra meat to compensate for the fat in the meat that will melt…which you will then pour out…leaving with you closer to 2 pounds.

    maybe not?

  2. Bush, you might be on to something. I would buy it if you told me this was the answer. It sounds good to me!

    Anyone else have an answer?

  3. I’m pretty sure Bush is right. That why when you buy a quarter pounder at McDonalds, it has the descretion that the “quarter pound” is the weight before it’s cooked.

  4. for the record…bush is a moron.
    secondly, that sounds absolutely DISGUSTING….oh my….i’m glad you cook meals like this when i’m gone!! haha…i still love you.

  5. Jamie- this has nothing to do with what you posted…just wanted to say you are BEAUTIFUL….on the outside and inside. I love reading your adoption stories and browsing your friends sites to see their stories…I love the passion you have for adoption and for your family…it’s beautiful. I wish we could hang out but since we can’t I just wanted to let you know that. Thanks for being vocal about what really matters.

  6. i tried and tried to comment on this yesterday and it would never go through.

    I think that the reason that it is never a perfect 1 lb. is because they are just eyeballing it when they package. It would take too much time to make the packages exact. My mom used to make the butchers in town mad when she would ask for 1 or 2 pounds. They would grab a fist full of meat and it would always be a smidgen over. They would ask if it was okay and she would demand that they make it exact.

    As I was reading the recipe I was making changes in my head. I do that a lot – it has grown out of making do with what is in the pantry and fridge and years of cooking (i can’t believe I just said that — I am so old!)

    Next time you could use Monterey Jack or a soft Mexican cheese, throw in some fresh cilantro, try Salsa Verde enchilada sauce, chilies are always good…

    You could also use the fat-free soup versions to make it healthier and maybe Aaron will eat it or leave out one of the soups and put in diced tomatoes and chilies.

  7. Seriously? I was reading your comments and Bush might be onto something there, and still I never use exactly a pound! I usually goes less on the meat. Just preference. This recipe sounds good. Hate cream of chicken soup though. Hmm. have to try it sometime. Thanks

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